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Pig Roast Manual | More Customer Testimonials

More Customer Testimonials


Yuma. AZ

Rick and Cindy Ashby of Custom Cowboy Cookin' served 420 people fourteen turkeys at their church Thanksgiving dinner. Rick says, "the roaster cooked those turkeys so well and we could have fit 20 turkeys on the skewers."

The Ashby's are the only ones in the area with a PORTA-GRILL®. Cindy claims that "the grill has become our claim to fame in Yuma. People look forward to seeing us use it. We're the envy of every man in town!"

Cindy was kind enough to share her stuffing recipe with us. They cooked their stuffing in the oven, but it could just as easily be cooked inside the turkeys or chickens, ducks, a pig, etc.


(amounts per 100 people)
9 pounds bread
1-1/2 pounds chopped onions
1-1/2 pounds butter
1 gallon fresh chicken stock
1 dozen eggs
2 pounds celery - finely diced
2 - 3 pounds of fresh ground sausage
season to taste: pepper, sage, salt, garlic, and seasoning salt

Mix all ingredients together. Cook in oven at 400? until golden (about 30 minutes).

Bradenton. FL

Mike had a trailer custom designed and built for his two PORTA-GRILL® units. This trailer features storage lockers along each side and cutting boards around the perimeter of the trailer, along with lantern holders for night use.

The dual axle trailer adds stability while towing and the retractable front hitch reduces the frequency of bruised shins. He uses the rotisserie set up on the front PORTA-GRILL® and uses the back PORTA-GRILL® as a flat grill to cook other meats or warm side dishes.

Mike cooked a large steam-ship round to serve to all his guests at a party at his home along the banks of the Manatee River. He throws quite a party! Where was our invitation, Mike?

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