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Pig Roast Manual | Removing & Carving The Pig

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Remove the entire spit basket from the rotisserie unit and place on a flat surface. Never remove the top of the spit basket while it is still in the roaster, as you could loose the pig. Remove the top of the spit basket by loosening and removing the hand knobs; set aside. Take the pig out of the basket and place on a clean, flat surface, and place basket back in the roaster. The bottom of the pig basket can also be used as a work tray for carving.


No clear-cut rules exist on how to carve a pig. We found that a two-person carving team moves much faster than a single carver. One person can carve the large sections off the carcass, while the second person cuts these sections into serving pieces. Allow the pig to cool for a few minutes before carving. Replace the wood block with an apple.

  1. Remove and carve the shoulder and attached leg. The meat will cut right off the bone. Slice across the grain of the meat.
  2. Remove the back leg and carve the meat. With the two legs off, the skin should peel right off the pig. (The skin can also be removed before the carving begins.) This outside shell can then either be disposed of or saved. In some cultures, the skin is used to make pork rinds or as a flavoring for other foods. Ideas are featured in the recipe section of this book.
  3. Next, cut the back meat and pork loins. These sections of meat are very tender and cut into nice serving pieces.
  4. The bacon is located right next to the pork loin. Understand that this meat will not taste like store-bought bacon unless it is cured.
  5. The next areas to go are the back shoulder meat and the back jowl meat just above the shoulder.
  6. Finally, remove the spare ribs. The small pieces of meat located between the ribs are ideal for barbeque.
  7. Turn the pig over and carve the second side in the same order. The pig will be cooked to the point that the meat will cut off the bone easily. Pork from a freshly roasted pig tastes great whether eaten plain or used with a barbeque sauce.
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