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Pig Roast Manual | Meat Preparation

Meat Preparation

The pig can either be prepared before or after placing it in the spit basket, depending upon how much you want to handle it after it has been prepared.


Use the hand knobs to remove the top of the spit basket; set aside. Center the pig on the spit basket and secure it on the meat anchors. If the pig is positioned too far to one end, it will place too much pressure on the motor and shaft. To secure the pig on the meat anchors, simply push the pig down onto the anchors. If the skin is too tough to puncture, use a knife to make a small hole and insert the anchor.


Before going any further with your preparations, it is important to make sure that you have cleaned out the entire cavity of the pig. The pig should not be cooked with any of the fat or organs left inside. It is up to each individual as to whether the cavity of the pig gets stuffed or is left empty.

We inserted a pound of butter and some common spices (i.e., pepper, garlic, and seasoning salt). Suggestions for stuffing include: sauerkraut and bratwurst, chickens, turkeys, bread stuffing, fruit, vegetables, greens, ethnic flavoring, and cabbage. Anything that will enhance the flavor of the meat can be used to stuff the pig.

These are ways to baste the pig from the inside out. The cavity can then either be sewn shut using a thick needle and twine or you can rely on the telescoping spit basket to keep it closed. Pieces of wire can also be used to keep the belly closed.

Another option with the stuffing is to place the food in a cooking bag and secure the bag inside the belly. A heavy cotton stocking stretched from end to end inside the pig, and fastened at each end would also work. Realize that as the pig roasts, it will naturally shrink in size, resulting in some loosening of the sewing.

A second way to season the pig from the inside out is to insert garlic cloves into slits made in sections of the pig. If desired, place a block of wood in the pig's mouth to brace it for the apple to be inserted when the pig is cooked. To preserve the head, and keep it from blackening, wrap it in aluminum foil.


Puncture the skin of the pig several times with a knife to allow for the grease to escape from the pig. If this is not done, fat blisters will form and explode during roasting.

Once your pig is prepared, reattach the top portion of the spit basket. Secure the basket by tightening the hand knobs so that the pig is held firmly. Make sure that the 1/2" nut is butted up tightly against the underside of the spit basket to give it increased rigidity.

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