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Super Large Shade Canopy | Permabrella

Classic Poolside Permabrella

The Permabrella is a super large shade canopy umbrella with unbeatable design and safety features. The bows and braces attach to the pole using a unique top cap and bow system, greatly simplifying installation by eliminating the need for nuts and bolts at each attachment point. The 4" diameter aluminum center pole fits securely into a permanent ground sleeve.

The umbrella can be raised or lowered using an easily removable crank. The dual pulley allows for a much smoother cranking experience than that of a single pulley umbrella and creates far less wear and tear on the frame. The winch and cable are both mounted internally.

Matching Products
Model PB20-V | Super Large Shade Canopy (Aquatic Blue/Yellow)
Model PB20-V

This large umbrella comes in 12', 14', and 20' diameters and is 100% UV protective and water repellent. Available in a variety of solid or alternating colors to match any poolside theme.

Sunshade Mesh Color Options
Sunburst Vinyl Color Options
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Super Large Shade Canopy - Sunburst Vinyl Qty
PB12-V 12' Diameter (197 lbs) $0.00
PB14-V 14' Diameter (213 lbs) $0.00
PB20-V 20' Diameter (393 lbs) $0.00
Super Large Shade Canopy - Sunshade Mesh Qty
PB12-M 12' Diameter (197 lbs) $0.00
PB14-M 14' Diameter (213 lbs) $0.00
PB20-M 20' Diameter (393 lbs) $0.00

Super Large Replacement Shade Canopy - Sunburst Vinyl Qty
PB12-TOP-V 12' Diameter (20 lbs) $0.00
PB14-TOP-V 14' Diameter (25 lbs) $0.00
PB20-TOP-V 20' Diameter (60 lbs) $0.00
Super Large Replacement Shade Canopy - Sunshade Mesh Qty
PB12-TOP-M 12' Diameter (20 lbs) $0.00
PB14-TOP-M 14' Diameter (25 lbs) $0.00
PB20-TOP-M 20' Diameter (60 lbs) $0.00
Super Large Replacement Frames Qty
PB12-FRAME 12' Diameter (177 lbs) $0.00
PB14-FRAME 14' Diameter (188 lbs) $0.00
PB20-FRAME 20' Diameter (333 lbs) $0.00
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