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Tip N Roll Standard Series Low Rise Aluminum Bleachers

Portable & Maneuverable Seating

'Tip N Roll' Bleachers tip and roll away for easy storage and are the perfect solution for auxiliary seating. These bleachers are easily tipped up onto their swivel casters for movement, and caster brakes keep the bleacher from rolling when stored.

  • 3 & 4 Row Units.
  • 11-1/2" Front Row Seat Height.
  • 2" x 10" Nominal Seat Planks.
  • 7-1/2', 9', 12', 15', 21' & 24' Lengths.
  • Aluminum Angle Frame Understructure.
  • Non-Marring Rubber Foot Pads.

High strength to weight ratio 6061-T6 aluminum alloy extrusion footboards naturally protect from corrosion. Standard mill finish walking surface. Chemically cleaned aluminum welds. Galvanized hardware will not rust like zinc-plated hardware.

Tip N Roll Standard Series Low Rise Aluminum Bleachers
It is the buyer's responsibility to check their local building and fire codes to determine the compliance requirements in your community.
These bleachers are fully compliant with BOCA, IBC and ICC codes as of 1/1/2012. Always take extra care when you tip up bleachers.
  • All seat and foot planks accommodate 120 plf across a 6' span with a maximum deflection of 9/16".
  • Designed to support, in addition to their own weight, a uniformly distributed live load of not less than 100 psf of gross horizontal projection of the bleachers.
  • Designed to resist, with or without a live load, a horizontal wind load of 30 psf of gross vertical projection.
  • In addition to the live load, designed to resist sway forces of 24 plf of seat plank in a direction parallel to the length of the seat, and 10 plf of seat plank in a direction perpendicular to the length of the seat.
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Item Specific Details Available on Linked Model Numbers Below

3 Row Tip N Roll Standard Series Low Rise Bleachers

BS-LR0376 7'-6" Length 5'-0" Depth 15 Seats (112 lbs) $1,067.00
BS-LR0309 9' Length 5'-0" Depth 18 Seats (140 lbs) $1,167.00
BS-LR0312 12' Length 5'-0" Depth 24 Seats (232 lbs) $1,599.00
BS-LR0315 15' Length 5'-0" Depth 30 Seats (220 lbs) $1,770.00
BS-LR0321 21' Length 5'-0" Depth 42 Seats (313 lbs) $2,420.00
BS-LR0324 24' Length 5'-0" Depth 48 Seats (412 lbs) $2,863.00

4 Row Tip N Roll Standard Series Low Rise Bleachers

BS-LR0476 7'-6" Length 7'-0" Depth 20 Seats (227 lbs) $2,501.00
BS-LR0409 9' Length 7'-0" Depth 30 Seats (260 lbs) $1,679.00
BS-LR0412 12' Length 7'-0" Depth 32 Seats (337 lbs) $2,287.00
BS-LR0415 15' Length 7'-0" Depth 40 Seats (315 lbs) $4,128.00
BS-LR0421 21' Length 7'-0" Depth 56 Seats (451 lbs) $3,424.00
BS-LR0424 24' Length 7'-0" Depth 64 Seats (470 lbs) $3,914.00
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Some Assembly Required
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