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Superfoam™ | Safety and Anti-Fatigue Matting (Dry)

Highly Resistant to Industrial Chemicals, Oils, & Greases

Superfoam™ is an extremely lightweight safety anti-fatigue mat designed especially for ease of handling and ergonomic comfort. Made from closed cell PVC Nitrile foam blend, Superfoam™ does not absorb liquids and is highly resistant to greases, oils, animal and vegetable fats. This allows it to be used in areas where occasional overspray and dripping occur such as dishwashing stations and bar areas. Because Superfoam™ is lightweight, it's the perfect mat for areas where mats are regularly moved for cleaning like cooking lines, service counters and food prep stations.


Superfoam™ Safety/Anti-Fatigue Mat Texture
Superfoam™ Texture
Superfoam™ Safety/Anti-Fatigue Mat
  • Closed cell PVC Nitrile foam blend does not absorb liquids.
  • Highly resistant to greases, oils, and animal and vegetable fats.
  • Lightweight for easy handling and cleaning.
  • All four sides are beveled to minimize trip hazards.
  • Perforated version with drainage holes to facilitate removal of liquids and debris.

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Superfoam™ Safety/Anti-Fatigue Matting

T17S0032 3' x 2' Solid Black (5 lbs) $85.00
T17P0032 3' x 2' Perforated Black (3 lbs) $0.00
T17S0033 3' x 3' Solid Black (8 lbs) $128.00
T17P0033 3' x 3' Perforated Black (4 lbs) $0.00
T17S0034 3' x 4' Solid Black (11 lbs) $170.00
T17P0034 3' x 4' Perforated Black (10 lbs) $0.00
T17S0035 3' x 5' Solid Black (14 lbs) $213.00
T17P0035 3' x 5' Perforated Black (7 lbs) $0.00
T17S0036 3' x 6' Solid Black (16 lbs) $256.00
T17P0036 3' x 6' Perforated Black (8 lbs) $0.00
T17S0038 3' x 8' Solid Black (22 lbs) $341.00
T17P0038 3' x 8' Perforated Black (11 lbs) $0.00
T17R0036 3' x 75' Solid Black (205 lbs) $0.00
T17R0048 4' x 75' Solid Black (273 lbs) $5,004.00

Superfoam™ Safety/Anti-Fatigue Matting | Custom Sizes

Length Qty
T17C0036 36" Wide Solid Black (3 lbs) $0.00 x
T17C0048 48" Wide Solid Black (4 lbs) $0.00 x
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