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Diamond Flex-Lok™ Floor Mat | Anti-Fatigue/Anti-Slip

Multi-Tiered Footing Design

Diamond Flex-Lok™ is a high-performance floor mat system manufactured with 100% recycled materials and combines the durability and toughness of an industrial mat with true ergonomic support and comfort. The ergonomic properties of Diamond Flex-Lok™ are the result of a multi-tiered footing design that elevates the mat off the floor, creating air pockets that allow the mat to flex with the weight of the worker. A large hole drainage system facilitates the removal of liquids and debris from the work area without clogging.

  • Black tiles and ramps made with 100% recycled materials.
  • A PVC based workstation that combines the durability and toughness of an industrial mat with true ergonomic support and comfort.
  • Beveled ramps eliminate trip hazards.
  • PVC construction offers resistance to chemicals, cutting fluids, oils and greases.
  • A pronounced raised diamond pattern on the mat surface and an inverted-V pattern on the ramps provide additional traction.
  • Sorbent pads can easily be placed underneath the mat in extremely wet applications.
  • Overall mat thickness is 1".

Diamond Flex-Lok™ Mat Texture
Diamond Flex-Lok™
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Diamond Flex-Lok™ Safety and Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat

620S3036 2-1/2' x 3' Black (22 lbs) $112.00
620S3048 2-1/2' x 4' Black (29 lbs) $150.00
620S3060 2-1/2' x 5' Black (37 lbs) $187.00
620S3072 2-1/2' x 6' Black (44 lbs) $225.00
620S3096 2-1/2' x 8' Black (56 lbs) $300.00
620S4272 3-1/2' x 6' Black (62 lbs) $315.00
620S4296 3-1/2' x 8' Black (81 lbs) $419.00
620S4210 3-1/2' x 10' Black (95 lbs) $524.00


620S1212 12" x 12" Tile Black (2 lbs) $15.00
620M0612 6" x 12" Ramp Edge (Male) (1 lbs) $0.00
620F0612 6" x 12" Ramp Edge (Female) (1 lbs) $0.00
620K0066 6" x 6" Corner (0 lbs) $0.00
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