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Richmond Recycled Collection Trash Receptacle

Professional & Litter-Free

Crafted with commercial grade materials and a contemporary design approach, these innovative Richmond Collection trash receptacles provide the style and durability that unmistakably helps in keeping properties professional and litter-free.

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Supported by an ultra-sturdy powder-coated steel frame, the receptacle base is comprised of slatted recycled plastic and oval-shaped steel tube accents, all smartly tied together with upper and lower steel bands. The inset base support is specifically engineered with tabbed footings allowing for semi-permanent surface mount installation.

Recycled Plastic Color Options

Model 60-CDR34FT
with Flat Top - 38-1/2"H x 27"Dia.
with Rain Bonnet - 49-1/2"H x 27"Dia.
with Ash Urn - 49-1/2"H x 27"Dia.

Built ready for a vast array of applications, these 32 gallon capacity receptacles include a rigid plastic liner and are available in three lid options; Flat Top Lid, Rain Bonnet and Ash Urn—each are appointed with a user-friendly 8"Dia. disposal opening.

Color Options
Item Specific Details Available on Linked Model Numbers Below

Richmond Recycled Collection Trash Receptacle | with Flat Top Lid

60-CDR34FT Cedar (229 lbs) $1,514.00
60-BRN34FT Brown (229 lbs) $1,514.00
60-GRY34FT Gray (229 lbs) $1,514.00
60-GRN34FT Green (229 lbs) $1,514.00

Richmond Recycled Collection Trash Receptacle | with Rain Bonnet Lid

60-CDR34RB Cedar (235 lbs) $1,597.00
60-BRN34RB Brown (235 lbs) $1,597.00
60-GRY34RB Gray (235 lbs) $1,597.00
60-GRN34RB Green (235 lbs) $1,597.00

Richmond Recycled Collection Trash Receptacle | with Ash Urn Lid

60-CDR34AU Cedar (235 lbs) $1,640.00
60-BRN34AU Brown (235 lbs) $1,640.00
60-GRY34AU Gray (235 lbs) $1,640.00
60-GRN34AU Green (235 lbs) $1,640.00

Optional Accessories

PL32 32 Gallon Liner Black (8 lbs) $84.00
IG-KIT In-ground Kit Black (10 lbs) $93.00
SM-KIT Surface Mount Kit Black (10 lbs) $93.00
CABLE Cable Attachment for Receptacle Lids (2 lbs) $45.00
(Prices F.O.B. Origin)
Some Assembly Required
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