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Round Recycled Plastic Tops, Liners & Receptacles

Model KCC42-DT-G | Round Recycled Plastic Tops, Liners & Receptacles Model KCC42-DT-G
Waste Top on a Standard 55 Gallon Drum

Trash Receptacles & Plastic Liners

Commercial quality trash bins that will last for years outdoors in any weather. They will not fade, rust or crack. The molding process we use is very flexible. There are no springs or hinges to rust or wear out.

Made from recycled plastic polyethylene, these trash receptacles are ideal for use both outside as well as inside. The four molded-in handles make moving it around a breeze and it's removable inside liner eliminates the need for costly garbage bags.

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Upgrade That Old 55 Gallon Drum

These round recycled plastic tops were specifically designed to fit on top of the ever popular 55 gallon drum. They were also designed fit on top of our 42 gallon recycled plastic trash receptacle.

Dome Top Detail
2-Way Waste Top Detail
Dome Top
Two-Way Waste Top

Promote Recycling

Encourage compliance with your recycling program with the 4" or 10" Recycle Top lids designed specifically to only accept bottles and cans.

4" Recycle Top Detail
10" Recycle Top Detail
4" Recycle Top
10" Recycle Top

Bug Free Zone

The Bug Barrier lid is perfect for those playground and beach areas where yellow jackets prefer to build nests. The precise fit between the door and cover prevents undesirable insects from a means of entry.

Bug Barrier Top Detail
Swing Top Detail
Bug Barrier Top
Swing Top

All recycled plastic receptacle components are available in the color options as shown.

Granite Color Options Granite Color Options
Item Specific Details Available on Linked Model Numbers Below

Round Recycled Plastic | Solid Colors

KCC42-S 42 Gallon Receptacle (15 lbs) $162.00
KCC42-L 42 Gallon Liner Black (10 lbs) $42.00
KCC42-4T-S 4" Recycle Top (6 lbs) $55.00
KCC42-RT-S 10" Recycle Top (6 lbs) $55.00
KCC42-BT-S Bug Barrier Top (6 lbs) $74.00
KCC42-DT-S Dome Top (10 lbs) $74.00
KCC42-WT-S Two-Way Waste Top (10 lbs) $74.00
KCC42-ST-S Swing Top (Only) (10 lbs) $74.00

Round Recycled Plastic | Granite Colors

KCC42-G 42 Gallon Receptacle (15 lbs) $178.00
KCC42-L 42 Gallon Liner Black (10 lbs) $42.00
KCC42-4T-G 4" Recycle Top (6 lbs) $62.00
KCC42-RT-G 10" Recycle Top (6 lbs) $62.00
KCC42-BT-G Bug Barrier Top (6 lbs) $83.00
KCC42-DT-G Dome Top (10 lbs) $83.00
KCC42-WT-G Two-Way Waste Top (10 lbs) $83.00
KCC42-ST-G Swing Top (Only) (10 lbs) $83.00
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