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55 Gallon Drum Lids

Lids for 55 Gallon Drums

These round metal lids fit perfectly over the popular 55 gallon drums seen at many parks, recreation centers, and outdoor facilities. These metal lids can be painted in your choice of green, black or dark blue or can be hot dipped galvanized for corrosion protection and a muted gray appearance.

All three lid styles are constructed with 22-gauge steel—the Flat Top Lid is designed with 24"I.D. and features a handle in the center for easy lift-off. The Swing Top and Dome Top Lids are designed with 23.75"I.D. that fits perfectly on standard 55 gallon drums. Both offer more protection from unwanted odors, and the doors on the lids prevent animals from tampering with the waste receptacle's contents. Lids also fit on 48 gallon steel commercial trash cans.

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55 Gallon Drum Lids | Flat Top - No Broken Cartons

FT255P Green 24"I.D. 6 per Carton (8 lbs) $90.00/each
FT256G Galvanized 24"I.D. 6 per Carton (6 lbs) $85.00/each

55 Gallon Drum Lids | Swing Top

SWT55GN Green 23.75"I.D. (11 lbs) $204.00
SWT55BL Dark Blue 23.75"I.D. (11 lbs) $204.00
SWT55BK Black 23.75"I.D. (11 lbs) $204.00

55 Gallon Drum Lids | Dome Top

5555GN Green 23.75"I.D. (10 lbs) $152.00
5555DB Dark Blue 23.75"I.D. (10 lbs) $152.00
5555RD Red 23.75"I.D. (10 lbs) $152.00
5555BN Brown 23.75"I.D. (10 lbs) $152.00
5555BK Black 23.75"I.D. (10 lbs) $152.00
5555G Galvanized 23.75"I.D. (11 lbs) $175.00
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