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Park Master Picnic Tables | Recycled Plastic

Model PMB-8PCE | Park Master 8ft. Recycled Plastic Picnic Table with Black Frame Model PMB-8PCE | Cedar | Black Powder-Coated Frame

Recycled Plastic Table with Super Strength and Superior Stability

Recycled plastic is an ultra durable material that won't splinter, is graffiti resistant, and requires minimal maintenance. Choosing a recycled plastic picnic table is not only an economical choice for your facility, but it is also great for the environment.

These picnic tables offer walk-in construction and maximum vandal resistance. The 2-3/8" O.D. steel tubing frames are welded for extra rigidity. Frames can be finished with black powder-coated or hot dipped galvanized after fabrication.

6' Length | 30-1/2"H x 62"W
8' Length | 30-1/2"H x 62"W
Universal Access | 30-1/2"H x 62"W
  • Seat Height: 18-1/2"
  • Frame Finish: Powder-Coated or Galvanized.
  • Hardware: Zinc Plated.
Model PMB-HPGY | Park Master 8ft. Recycled Plastic Picnic Table with Black Enamel Frame (Gray) Model PMB-HPGY | Gray
Black Powder-Coated Frame
Universal Access
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Recycled Plastic Color Options
  • Top angles: 1/10" thick (12 ga.) galvanized steel plate.
  • Seat brackets: 1/10" thick (12 ga.) galvanized steel plate.
Model PMG-6PGN | Park Master 6ft. Recycled Plastic Picnic Table with Hot-Dipped Galvanized Frame (Green) Model PMG-6PGN | Green
Hot-Dipped Galvanized Frame

The recycled plastic Park Master comes with a galvanized or powder-coated super structure fabricated from 1/10" (12 ga.) galvanized steel plate. This special reinforcement will easily support the heaviest loads and yet still maintain the integrity of the recycled plastic seats and tops.

Galvanized Steel Tubing

Leg: 2-3/8" O.D. tubing (14 ga.)

Brace: 1-1/4" O.D. tubing (14 ga.)

Maximum Corrosion Resistance

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Frame Color Options
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Park Master Recycled Plastic Picnic Table - 6' Length

PMB-6PCE Cedar (249 lbs) $1,472.00
PMG-6PCE Cedar Galvanized Frame (253 lbs) $1,472.00
PMB-6PBN Brown (249 lbs) $1,472.00
PMG-6PBN Brown Galvanized Frame (249 lbs) $1,472.00
PMB-6PGY Gray (249 lbs) $1,472.00
PMG-6PGY Gray Galvanized Frame (253 lbs) $1,472.00
PMB-6PGN Green (249 lbs) $1,472.00
PMG-6PGN Green Galvanized Frame (249 lbs) $1,472.00

Park Master Recycled Plastic Picnic Table - 8' Length

PMB-8PCE Cedar (313 lbs) $1,820.00
PMG-8PCE Cedar Galvanized Frame (319 lbs) $1,820.00
PMB-8PBN Brown (313 lbs) $1,820.00
PMG-8PBN Brown Galvanized Frame (313 lbs) $1,820.00
PMB-8PGY Gray (313 lbs) $1,820.00
PMG-8PGY Gray Galvanized Frame (319 lbs) $1,820.00
PMB-8PGN Green (313 lbs) $1,820.00
PMG-8PGN Green Galvanized Frame (313 lbs) $1,820.00

Park Master Recycled Plastic Picnic Table - Universal Access

UA Logo PMB-HPCE Cedar (325 lbs) $1,851.00
UA Logo PMG-HPCE Cedar Galvanized Frame (325 lbs) $1,851.00
UA Logo PMB-HPBN Brown (325 lbs) $1,851.00
UA Logo PMG-HPBN Brown Galvanized Frame (325 lbs) $1,851.00
UA Logo PMB-HPGY Gray (325 lbs) $1,851.00
UA Logo PMG-HPGY Gray Galvanized Frame (325 lbs) $1,851.00
UA Logo PMB-HPGN Green (325 lbs) $1,851.00
UA Logo PMG-HPGN Green Galvanized Frame (325 lbs) $1,851.00
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