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Portable Octagon Picnic Tables | Punched Steel Style

Strong and Safe Picnic Tables

Available with 2" or heavy-duty 2-3/8" O.D. frames, these 46"Sq. (3 Seat ADA - 46" x 57", 2 Seat ADA - 46" x 68") octagon picnic tables have round edges to protect from unwanted bumps and bruises. The # 11 gauge punched steel is welded inside the angle iron frame with an attractive yet protective thermoplastic coating.

Both the 2" and heavy-duty 2-3/8" powder-coated frame tables are available with 4, 3 or 2 attached benches, and the top & seats can be finished in a variety lightly textured Polyethylene colors that will protect the table/bench from corrosion, vandalism, and other weathering effects, while also maintaining its visual appeal for years to come.

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Universal Access
Wheelchair and Mobility Device access outdoor tables conform to current ADA specifications/requirements.
Model H46-P | Portable Octagon Picnic Tables | Punched Steel Style (Black/Black)) Model H46-P
Portable Octagon Picnic Tables | Punched Steel Style (Black/Black)
Punched Steel
with Round Corners
For extra safeguarding, Surface Mount Clamps and In-ground Mount Posts can be ordered to help protect against the possibility of undesired movement of the table. Also, optional 7-1/2" umbrellas are available in any of the color options shown below, in either a single solid color or a 2-color alternating pattern.
Top/Seats Color Options Frame Color Options Umbrella Color Options
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Thermoplastic Coated Portable Octagon Picnic Tables | 2" O.D. Legs Qty
H46-P 4 Seats (266 lbs) $1,604.00
H463-P 3 Seats (246 lbs) $1,675.00
UA Logo H463H-P 3 Seats (246 lbs) $1,675.00
H462-P 2 Seats (226 lbs) $0.00
UA Logo H462H-P 2 Seats (226 lbs) $0.00
Thermoplastic Coated Portable Octagon Picnic Tables | 2-3/8" O.D. Legs Qty
H46HD-P 4 Seats (295 lbs) $0.00
H463HD-P 3 Seats (275 lbs) $0.00
UA Logo H463HHD-P 3 Seats (275 lbs) $0.00
H462HD-P 2 Seats (255 lbs) $0.00
UA Logo H462HHD-P 2 Seats (255 lbs) $0.00

7 1/2' Umbrella | Steel Pole Qty
UMB75-P-S (16 lbs) $362.00
UMB75C-P-S (16 lbs) $362.00
UMBB Umbrella Anchor Ring Aluminum (1 lbs) $63.70
UMBS Umbrella Stand Plastic / Concrete (50 lbs) $175.00

Accessories Qty
UMBS Surface Mount Clamp (Set of 2) Galvanized (50 lbs) $175.00
CLAMP In-ground Mount Post (Set of 2) Powder-Coated (5 lbs) $25.00
(Prices F.O.B. Origin)
Some Assembly Required
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