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Geocubes | Recycling Containers

Easy & Convenient Recycling

Compact, fire safe, steel-constructed recycling containers, Geocubes are the perfect addition to any recycling program. Item specific decal labels and lid openings encourage the proper disposal of recyclable materials. Liff-off lids further maximize maintenance efficiency.

24 Gallon | 15"W x 15"D x 24"H
28 Gallon | 15"W x 15"D x 28"H
32 Gallon | 15"W x 15"D x 32"H
36 Gallon | 15"W x 15"D x 36"H

All Geocubes come standard with two decals as listed, *alternate decals are available to swap out for one or both of the included decals. The included die cut transfer decals are bright white vinyl and designed specifically for easy application. Legacy decals are available to match Geocubes that were purchased prior to 12/1/2013.

  • Easy Lift-Off Lids
  • Bag Holders
  • Item Specific Lid Openings
  • Item Specific Decals
  • All Steel Construction
Standard Included Die-Cut Decals
*Round Opening | CANS & BOTTLES
Slot Opening | PAPER & RECYCLE
*Square Opening | WASTE & RECYCLE
*Combo Opening | RECYCLE & RECYCLE
*Alternate Decals | GLASS & PLASTIC
Decal Options
Geocubes | Recycling Containers
Lid & Bag Holders
Lid Opening Options
Color Options
PLEASE NOTE: Model Number(s) in Red are Discontinued
Item Specific Details Available on Linked Model Numbers Below

Geocubes Recycling Containers | 24 Gallon

24GC01 Round Opening (24 lbs) $0.00
24GC02 Slot Opening (24 lbs) $0.00
24GC03 Square Opening (24 lbs) $0.00
24GC04 Combo Opening (24 lbs) $0.00

Geocubes Recycling Containers | 28 Gallon

28GC01 Round Opening (27 lbs) $305.00
28GC02 Slot Opening (27 lbs) $305.00
28GC03 Square Opening (27 lbs) $305.00
28GC04 Combo Opening (27 lbs) $305.00

Geocubes Recycling Containers | 32 Gallon

32GC01 Round Opening (31 lbs) $319.00
32GC02 Slot Opening (31 lbs) $319.00
32GC03 Square Opening (31 lbs) $319.00
32GC04 Combo Opening (31 lbs) $319.00

Geocubes Recycling Containers | 36 Gallon

36GC01 Round Opening (34 lbs) $340.00
36GC02 Slot Opening (34 lbs) $340.00
36GC03 Square Opening (34 lbs) $340.00
36GC04 Combo Opening (34 lbs) $340.00


GEO-BAIL Bail Wire Bands (1 lbs) $0.00
GEO-CA Legacy Decals 'CANS' (1 lbs) $8.00
GEO-BO Legacy Decals 'BOTTLES' (1 lbs) $8.00
GEO-GL Legacy Decals 'GLASS' (1 lbs) $8.00
GEO-RE Legacy Decals 'RECYCLE' (1 lbs) $8.00
GEO-PA Legacy Decals 'PAPER' (1 lbs) $8.00
GEO-PL Legacy Decals 'PLASTIC' (1 lbs) $8.00
GEO-WA Legacy Decals 'WASTE' (1 lbs) $8.00
(Prices F.O.B. Origin)
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