6' Backless Concrete Bench

Model SL500 | Backless 6' Concrete Bench (Gray)
Model SL500

Please Note

Do not place this product on any surface that will flex or move, these benches must be placed on a flat surface such as concrete.

Comfort Bench Seating

With a comfortable bowed seat design, these 6' backless concrete benches are ready to be the seating solution for just about any high volume public environment. Concrete is a naturally durable and long lasting material — while the sheer weight ensures vandals will pay no attention. Formed in slat shaped perforations in the bench seat prevent the pooling of water, providing a dry seating for every season.

72"L x 18"W x 16"H
Acid Wash Color Options Acid Wash Stain Color Options Acid Wash Stain (Premium) Color Options
Weatherstone Color Options Weatherstone Stain Color Options Weatherstone Stain (Premium) Color Options
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6' Backless Concrete Bench

SL500 (405 lbs) $739.00

6' Backless Concrete Bench | Stained Concrete Finish

SL500-CUS1 (405 lbs) $813.00
SL500-CUS3 (405 lbs) $961.00
(Prices F.O.B. Origin)
Some Assembly Required
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