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DOGIPOT® Pet Waste Station with Aluminum Receptacle

DOGIPOT® Pet Waste Station with Aluminum Trash Receptacle Collection

High Quality, Eye Pleasing Aluminum Pet Waste Station

This DOGIPOT® pet waste station provides a very economical and practical method to encourage dog owners, rather than maintenance staff, to assume the responsibility for dog litter pollution. Pet Waste Station includes a heavy-duty powder-coated aluminum waste receptacle and aluminum lid identical to the steel model but has the weather-resistant advantages of aluminum. Aluminum requires less maintenance and is corrosion free over the long term.

The DOGIPOT® Pet Waste Station components and other products and accessories can also be purchased separately to create your own pet waste disposal system.

Optional Accessories
DOGIPOT® Pet Station Accessories

Environmentally-friendly DOGIPOT® litter bags release less CO2 than a leaf and are designed to meet US Standard Guide ASTM D6954-04 for OXO.

Set up the Pet Station in a visible spot and help eliminate the harmful environmental and human effects dog waste has when not picked up. Heavy-Duty commercial durability makes it perfect for high-traffic dog parks.
(A) DP-1003A-L Pet Station Includes
  • B - Green .08 gauge powder-coated aluminum litter bag dispenser with two diamond-shaped bag dispenser slots, front locking access panel and two keys. 9.4"L x 3.25"W x 15.5"H
  • C - 2 Rolls of 200 count OXO 8"W x 13"H opaque green litter pick up bags with perforated separation.
  • D - Green powder-coated aluminum 10 gallon waste receptacle with an attached hinged green powder-coated aluminum lid, and bag retainer bands. 11.5" Dia. x 23"H
  • E - One box of 50 count OXO 10-15 gallon opaque black 1.5 mil thick trash liner bags with draw tape.
  • F or G - Your choice of an on-leash or off-leash 12"W x 18"H reflective aluminum pet sign.
  • I - A 2" x 2" x 4' to 8' tall telescopic galvanized steel mounting post with two carriage bolts ( 2-1/2" x 5/16" Dia.), washers and locknuts.
Matching Products
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DOGIPOT® Pet Waste Station | Complete Station

A. DP-1003A-L Forest Green (45 lbs) $424.00

Pet Litter Bag Dispenser (400 Pet Litter Pick Up Bags Included)

B. DP-1002-2 Aluminum Forest Green (7 lbs) $124.00

Pet Litter Pick Up Bag Dispenser Refills | 0.8 Mil/20 Microns

C. DP-1402 1 Roll - 200 Bags Total Opaque Green (2 lbs) $89.00
C. DP-1402-10 10 Rolls - 2,000 Bags Total Opaque Green (12 lbs) $89.00
C. DP-1402-20 20 Rolls - 4,000 Bags Total Opaque Green (25 lbs) $177.00
C. DP-1402-30 30 Rolls - 6,000 Bags Total Opaque Green (35 lbs) $266.00

10 Gallon Round Pet Waste Receptacles (50 Liner Bags Included)

DP-1206-L Steel with Stainless Steel Lid Forest Green (23 lbs) $219.00
D. DP-1206A-L Aluminum with Aluminum Lid Forest Green (19 lbs) $237.00

Heavy-Duty Waste Receptacle Liner Bags | 10-15 Gallon - 1.5 Mil/38 Microns

E. DP-1404 1 Box of 50 Liner Bags Opaque Green (5 lbs) $22.00

Reflective Aluminum Pet Signs

F. DP-1203 On-Leash "Pet Waste Transmits Disease" (2 lbs) $28.00
G. DP-1204 Off-Leash "Pet Exercise Area" (2 lbs) $28.00

2" x 2" Square Mounting Posts

H. DP-1304 4' to 8' Square Telescopic Post Poly Plastic Green (8 lbs) $113.00
I. DP-1301-P 4' to 8' Square Telescopic Post Galvanized (15 lbs) $99.00
J. DP-1307 Pyramid Post Rain Cap for use w/Model DP-1301-P (1 lbs) $10.00
K. DP-1302 4' Square Post Galvanized (9 lbs) $53.00
L. DP-1308 Pyramid Post Rain Cap for use w/Model DP-1302 (1 lbs) $10.00

Mounting Bases

M. DP-1305 Free Standing Post Base Cast Iron (19 lbs) $286.00
N. DP-1306 Post Base for Concrete Install Galvanized (9 lbs) $99.00
O. DP-1310 Surface Mounting Post Base Cast Iron/Green (46 lbs) $507.00

Heavy-Duty Waste Receptacle Liner Bags | 55 Gallon - 1.8 Mil/46 Microns

DP-1404XL 1 Box of 25 Liner Bags Opaque Black (7 lbs) $24.00
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