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X1 Tilt Top Table Base 200

Exterior Vanguard
32" & 36" Square Table Top
X1 Tilt Top Table Base

HPL Compact
32" Square Table Tops
X1 Tilt Top Table Base

X1 Tilt Top
Large Table Base

Enduring Appeal

X1 Tilt Top Base 200 and stylish HPL Compact or VanGuard square tabletops are built for indoor and outdoor dining spaces. The versatile, compact 22" x 28" table base features patented smooth folding technology, allowing the top to easily adjust and legs to nest together for convenient storage. Utilizing powder-coated reinforced aluminum, X1 Base 200's are constructed to endure high-volume use and offer resistance against damaging factors such as scratch, burn, stain or high heat.

X1 Table Base 200 - 22"Sq. x 28"H
Table Tops - 32"L x 32"W

X1 Tilt Top Base 200 with optional 32" or 36" HPL Compact or VanGuard tabletops combine aesthetics and superior service, all while requiring minimal maintenance to complement a variety of facility requirements.

Model UTX1W017
Please Note
Table Tops and X1 Tilt Top Table Base 200
are Sold Separately

Model UTX1W009
  • Patented Folding System
  • Easy-to-Operate Lever—Open & Close Smoothly
  • Easy-to-Move with Interior Handhold
  • Easy Storage—Legs Nest
  • Folded Counterbalance Design
  • Powder-Coated Aluminum Legs
  • Fiberglass Reinforced
  • Leg Levelers
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X1 Large Aluminum Tilt Top Table Base | Table Tops Sold Separately - See Below

UTX1W017 Black (18 lbs) $272.00
UTX1W009 Silver Gray (18 lbs) $272.00

32" Square Exterior VanGuard Table Tops - for use with X1 Base (Sold Separately)

US32D742 Aged Oak (28 lbs) $415.00
US32D744 Dark Concrete (28 lbs) $415.00
US32D743 Geometric Concrete (28 lbs) $415.00
US32D791 Gray Marble (28 lbs) $415.00
US32D741 Light Oak (28 lbs) $415.00
US32D745 White Marble (28 lbs) $415.00

36" Square Exterior VanGuard Table Tops - for use with X1 Base (Sold Separately)

US36D742 Aged Oak (35 lbs) $445.00
US36D744 Dark Concrete (35 lbs) $445.00
US36D743 Geometric Concrete (35 lbs) $445.00
US36D791 Gray Marble (35 lbs) $445.00
US36D741 Light Oak (35 lbs) $445.00
US36D745 White Marble (35 lbs) $445.00

32" Sq. Exterior HPL Compact Table Tops - for use with X1 Base (Sold Separately)

UT320245 Drifted Pine (24 lbs) $247.00
UT320038 Granite (24 lbs) $247.00
US32H790 Kandia Gray Marble (24 lbs) $247.00
UT320727 Gray Slate (24 lbs) $247.00
US32H722 Walnut (24 lbs) $247.00
(Prices F.O.B. Origin)
Some Assembly Required
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