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U.S. PolyExtra - Embroidered Stars & Sewn Stripes

Means Only the Finest!

PolyExtra flags are especially designed and meticulously crafted to please our most discriminating customers. Their two-ply polyester fabric is specially loomed and dyed to withstand the most demanding weather conditions, counteract the effects of ultra-violet light, and still remain crisp and bright. But they're not just sturdy. Their embroidered stars, enduring brilliant colors, and finely crafted details make them a beautiful outdoor flag as well. They grandly set the standard with durability and elegance that guarantees their classic status for a long time to come.

Embroidered Star
Life Long Seam
Fly Hem

Combination of the highest quality components and state-of-the-art manufacturing to give you the best looking and most durable flags in the industry. Construction begins with the finest fabrics and color-matched threads available. Each flag is carefully assemble using a full 1/4" turn on all seams, a chain stitch for all horizontal seams (it makes the flag stronger), and a lock stitch for all edge hems. And, for the strongest headings in the industry, we use a heavy duty nine ounce material

Check out the Hardware!
Flags up to 6' x 10' feature heavy duty brass grommets, and for flags 8' x 12' and above we provide heavy duty chrome D-rings for maximum flying strength.
U.S. PolyExtra - Embroidered Stars & Sewn Stripes

  • Highest Quality Two-Ply Poly Fabric.
  • Color Matched Thread.
  • Embroidered Stars.
  • Full 1/4" Turn on All Seams.
  • Chain Stitch on All Horizontal Seams.
  • All Flags are quadruple stitched and back tacked (4 rows of stitching) at the fly hem.

Meticulous construction, including X-boxing on the fly hems and a full 1/4" turn on all seams, will provide you with the best wearing, longest lasting polyester flag in the industry. Choose the FlagSource® PolyExtra for beauty and quality at a reasonable price.

Reinforced Fly Hems
Flags 6' x 10' and smaller feature an X-box at top and bottom of flag.
Flags 8' x 12' and larger feature an X-box at each horizontal seam.
Please Note
Minimum Order of $230 Required
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U.S. Flag PolyExtra - Embroidered Stars & Sewn Stripes

Was Special Qty
100F06161 3' x 5' Flag (2 lbs) $45.00 $41.00
100F06201 4' x 6' Flag (2 lbs) $62.00 $56.00
100F06241 5' x 8' Flag (3 lbs) $94.00 $85.00
100F06271 6' x 10' Flag (4 lbs) $140.00 $127.00

U.S. Flag PolyExtra - Embroidered Stars & Sewn Stripes

Was Special Qty
100F06284 8' x 12' Flag (6 lbs) $257.00 $234.00
100F06294 10' x 15' Flag (9 lbs) $397.00 $361.00
100F06314 12' x 18' Flag (9 lbs) $507.00 $461.00
100F06324 15' x 25' Flag (18 lbs) $919.00 $835.00
100F06334 20' x 30' Flag (27 lbs) $1,376.00 $1,251.00
100F06344 20' x 38' Flag (33 lbs) $1,658.00 $1,507.00
100F06364 30' x 50' Flag (85 lbs) $3,036.00 $2,760.00
100F06374 30' x 60' Flag (102 lbs) $3,447.00 $3,134.00
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