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2 Bike Round Tube Circular Bike Rack

Clean Polished Lines

The Steel Circular Bike Rack takes a traditional design and implements contemporary elements to produce a sleek and elegant fixture. This bike rack is great to use as a stand-alone or for use in multiples to create your own bike parking lot. Each Circular Rack allows two bikes to be parked and secured, one on each side.

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This imported bike rack is constructed with 2-3/8"O.D. Steel Round Tubing with either a powder-coated or stainless finish. The base flanges feature a sealed design to prevent entrance of unwanted moisture or insects into the tubing.

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  • 2-3/8"O.D. Steel Tube
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2 Bike Round Tube Circular Bike Rack | Black Glossy Finish

Was Special Qty
CBBR-2CR-BK Surface Mount (1 to 2 Units) (23 lbs) $199.00 $181.00
CBBR-2CR-BKB Surface Mount (3 to 5 Units) (23 lbs) $194.00 $176.00
CBBR-2CR-BKC Surface Mount (6 to 9 Units) (23 lbs) $188.00 $171.00
CBBR-2CR-BKD Surface Mount (10+ Units) (23 lbs) $183.00 $166.00

2 Bike Round Tube Circular Bike Rack | Stainless Steel

Was Special Qty
CBBR-2CR-SS Surface Mount (1 to 2 Units) (23 lbs) $382.00 $347.00
CBBR-2CR-SSB Surface Mount (3 to 5 Units) (23 lbs) $371.00 $337.00
CBBR-2CR-SSC Surface Mount (6 to 9 Units) (23 lbs) $360.00 $327.00
CBBR-2CR-SSD Surface Mount (10+ Units) (23 lbs) $349.00 $317.00
CBBR-2CRI-SS In-ground Mount (1 to 2 Units) (23 lbs) $382.00 $347.00
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CBBR-2CRI-SSB In-ground Mount (3 to 5 Units) (23 lbs) $371.00 $337.00
CBBR-2CRI-SSC In-ground Mount (6 to 9 Units) (23 lbs) $360.00 $327.00
CBBR-2CRI-SSD In-ground Mount (10+ Units) (23 lbs) $349.00 $317.00
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