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Square Concrete Trash Receptacles

Encourage Litter Free Areas

Attractive, low maintenance and most importantly functional steel-reinforced concrete trash receptacles great for encouraging litter free areas. Available in a variety of colors and finishes to fit-in perfectly with just about any location. Heavy-Duty weight concrete construction will act as natural deterrent to theft and vandalism. Optional rigid poly liners are available in both 36 gallon and 45 gallon capacities.

A | 26"Sq. x 44-1/2"H
B | 26"Sq. x 44-1/2"H
C | 29"L x 26"W x 46"H
D | 29"L x 26"W x 36"H
E | 29"L x 26"W x 36"H
LSB Finish Options, Etch Finish Options, Perma Stone Finish Options, Dura Brite Finish Options
Square Concrete Trash Receptacle Collection
Please Note
Rigid Poly Liner Sold Separately
Upgrade Color Options
'Slate Stone Etch' color upgrade options available with model numbers ending with '-CUS1'.
'White Matrix' color upgrade options available with model numbers ending with '-CUS2'.
PLEASE NOTE: Model Number(s) in Red are Discontinued
Item Specific Details Available on Linked Model Numbers Below
Square Concrete Trash Receptacles Qty
A. TC-SCP-NO (905 lbs) $0.00
TC-SCP-NO-CUS1 Slate Stone Etch Base (905 lbs) $0.00
TC-SCP-NO-CUS2 (905 lbs) $0.00
B. TC-SC-P-32 (745 lbs) $1,163.00
TC-SC-P-32-CUS1 Slate Stone Etch Base (745 lbs) $1,279.00
TC-SC-P-32-CUS2 (745 lbs) $1,396.00
Square Concrete Trash Receptacles Qty
C. TC-SC-D-30 (900 lbs) $1,092.00
TC-SC-D-30-CUS1 Slate Stone Etch Base (900 lbs) $1,201.00
TC-SC-D-30-CUS2 (900 lbs) $1,310.00
D. TC-SC-C-30 (740 lbs) $994.00
TC-SC-C-30-CUS1 Slate Stone Etch Base (740 lbs) $1,093.00
TC-SC-C-30-CUS2 (740 lbs) $1,193.00
E. TC-SC-30 (740 lbs) $916.00
TC-SC-30-CUS1 Slate Stone Etch Base (740 lbs) $1,008.00
TC-SC-30-CUS2 (740 lbs) $1,099.00
Square Liners Qty
F. 200-0084 45 Gal. Rigid Poly Liner for Receptacles A, C, D, E (9 lbs) $145.00
TCSLN 36 Gal. Rigid Poly Liner for Receptacle B (8 lbs) $103.00
(Prices F.O.B. Origin)
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