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Sentry™ | Bike Rack

Bike Rack for Neat Bike Storage

The Sentry™ is one of the best bike rack systems for orderly bike support and space efficiency. It's tamper resistant construction includes galvanized rails on the rail mounted Sentry™ bike rack.

Featuring front wheel stops, 30" clearance between each bike, and a 3/4" solid rod for easy U-Lock access. The cleverly placed steel locking bar allows both the bike wheel and frame to be secured with a single U-Lock.

  • 1-1/2" Square Steel Tubing
    with 3/16" Thick Wall.
  • 2" 'C' Galvanized Mounting Channels.
  • 3/4" O.D. Steel Locking Bars.
  • Steel End Caps.
Sentry Single Sided Arrangement Sentry Double Sided Arrangement
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Quick Dimensions for Sentry Bike Rack

The Sentry™ is available in single or double sided arrangements of various lengths to maximize storage in your bike rack parking area.

Powder-Coated Color Options
Galvanized Finish
The hot dip galvanizing process results in an effective corrosion resistant surface with multi-varied spangle appearance.
Surface Mount Detail
Surface Mount
Item Specific Details Available on Linked Model Numbers Below

Sentry™ Bike Rack - Surface Mount | Single Sided

SEN-1-SF-G 1 Bike Galvanized (21 lbs) $189.00
SEN-1-SF-P 1 Bike Powder-Coated (21 lbs) $189.00

Sentry™ Bike Rack - Rail Mount | Single Sided

SEN-SNG-2-G 2 Bikes Galvanized (51 lbs) $439.00
SEN-SNG-2-P 2 Bikes Powder-Coated (51 lbs) $439.00
SEN-SNG-3-G 3 Bikes Galvanized (80 lbs) $629.00
SEN-SNG-3-P 3 Bikes Powder-Coated (80 lbs) $629.00
SEN-SNG-4-G 4 Bikes Galvanized (109 lbs) $839.00
SEN-SNG-4-P 4 Bikes Powder-Coated (109 lbs) $839.00
SEN-SNG-5-G 5 Bikes Galvanized (138 lbs) $1,059.00
SEN-SNG-5-P 5 Bikes Powder-Coated (138 lbs) $1,059.00

Sentry™ Bike Rack - Rail Mount | Double Sided

SEN-DBL-2-G 2 Bikes Galvanized (43 lbs) $379.00
SEN-DBL-2-P 2 Bikes Powder-Coated (43 lbs) $379.00
SEN-DBL-3-G 3 Bikes Galvanized (68 lbs) $609.00
SEN-DBL-3-P 3 Bikes Powder-Coated (68 lbs) $609.00
SEN-DBL-5-G 5 Bikes Galvanized (115 lbs) $989.00
SEN-DBL-5-P 5 Bikes Powder-Coated (115 lbs) $989.00
SEN-DBL-7-G 7 Bikes Galvanized (162 lbs) $1,369.00
SEN-DBL-7-P 7 Bikes Powder-Coated (162 lbs) $1,369.00
SEN-DBL-9-G 9 Bikes Galvanized (209 lbs) $1,769.00
SEN-DBL-9-P 9 Bikes Powder-Coated (209 lbs) $1,769.00
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