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Decorative Slatted Trash Receptacles | Oakley Collection

Create Matching Street Scapes

The Decorative Oakley Trash Receptacle Collection features decorative accents on durable slatted steel to set this receptacle ahead others of its kind. Designed with utility and attention to detail in mind, this litter receptacle complements any environment and will withstand years of usage.

Excellent for universities, municipalities, and office complexes, these receptacles come standard with a durable 40 gallon liner and anchor kit included. The built-in leveling feet ensure balance and stability on both straight and slightly angled surfaces. Matching planters, benches, and cigarette receptacles are also available to create entire street scapes. Models available in the color options shown below.

Color Options

Matching Products

Model 3600-R-FT | Oakley Decorative Slatted Trash Receptacle | Flat Top Lid (Green)
Model M3600-R-FT | Flat Top Lid

Models available with your choice of four different lids shown below, and single lids can also be purchased separately in the Accessories section.

  • 40 Gal. plastic liner & Anchor Kit included.
  • Graffiti resistant flat steel.
  • Built-In leveling feet.
  • Available with four lid options.
  • Matching planters & benches available.

Flat Top Lid
Rain Cover Lid
Ash Urn Lid
Dome Top Lid
Item Specific Details Available on Linked Model Numbers Below

Oakley Decorative Slatted Trash Receptacles | 40 Gallons

M3600-R-FT Flat Top Lid 28"Dia. x 36"H (93 lbs) $1,228.00
M3600-R-RC Rain Cover Lid 28"Dia. x 36"H (95 lbs) $1,295.00
M3600-R-AT Ash Urn Lid 28"Dia. x 36"H (95 lbs) $1,295.00
M3600-R-DT Dome Top Lid 28"Dia. x 36"H (97 lbs) $1,295.00

Accessories | Lids Only

M3601-FTL Flat Top Lid 23-3/4" I.D. (5 lbs) $103.00
M3601-RCL Rain Cover Lid 23-3/4" I.D. (7 lbs) $177.00
M3601-ATL Ash Urn Lid 23-3/4" I.D. (7 lbs) $179.00
M3601-DTL Dome Top Lid 23-3/4" I.D. (9 lbs) $157.00
(Prices F.O.B. Origin)
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