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Oakley Collection Eco Series Receptacles

Slatted Steel Single-Stream Receptacles

Made of durable, long-lasting 10 gauge galvanized steel with 1/8" x 2" flat steel slats, and reinforced with circular steel bands. Lid comes off easily for quick servicing. Lid attachment kit includes a cable to keep lid secure to unit. Comes standard with a black low density polyurethane rigid plastic liner.


Available in a variety of six lid styles: flat top, rain cap, ash urn, dome top, swing top and hood top. Anchor kit includes hardware for surface mounting.

36 Gallon | 28"Dia. x 36"H
Lids | 23-3/4"I.D.
Flat Top Lid
Rain Top Lid
Ash Urn Lid
Dome Top Lid
Swing Top Lid
Hood Top Lid
Flat Top Lid
Rain Cap Lid
Ash Urn Lid
Dome Top Lid
Swing Top Lid
Hood Top Lid
Item Specific Details Available on Linked Model Numbers Below
Oakley Eco Series | Green - Compost Receptacles Qty
M3601CP-FT with Flat Top Lid (98 lbs) $928.00
M3601CP-RC with Rain Cap Lid (98 lbs) $1,008.00
M3601CP-AT with Ash Urn Lid (98 lbs) $1,008.00
M3601CP-DT with Dome Top Lid (98 lbs) $1,008.00
M3601CP-SWT with Swing Top Lid (98 lbs) $1,034.00
M3601CP-MHT with Hood Top Lid (98 lbs) $1,048.00
Oakley Eco Series | Black - Landfill Receptacles Qty
M3601LF-FT with Flat Top Lid (98 lbs) $928.00
M3601LF-RC with Rain Cap Lid (98 lbs) $1,008.00
M3601LF-AT with Ash Urn Lid (98 lbs) $1,008.00
M3601LF-DT with Dome Top Lid (98 lbs) $1,008.00
M3601LF-SWT with Swing Top Lid (98 lbs) $1,034.00
M3601LF-MHT with Hood Top Lid (98 lbs) $1,048.00
Oakley Eco Series | Blue - Recycle Receptacles Qty
M3601RE-FT with Flat Top Lid (98 lbs) $928.00
M3601RE-RC with Rain Cap Lid (98 lbs) $1,008.00
M3601RE-AT with Ash Urn Lid (98 lbs) $1,008.00
M3601RE-DT with Dome Top Lid (98 lbs) $1,008.00
M3601RE-SWT with Swing Top Lid (98 lbs) $1,034.00
M3601RE-MHT with Hood Top Lid (98 lbs) $1,048.00
Replacement Lids Qty
M3601-FTL Flat Top Lid Only (5 lbs) $103.00
M3601-RCL Rain Cap Lid Only (7 lbs) $177.00
M3601-ATL Ash Urn Only (7 lbs) $179.00
M3601-DTL Dome Top Lid Only (9 lbs) $157.00
M3601-MHTL Swing Top Lid Only (7 lbs) $207.00
M3601-SWTL Hood Top Lid Only (7 lbs) $204.00
(Prices F.O.B. Origin)
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