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Modern Portable Bike Rack

Classic Bicycle Parking

Provide stable bike parking almost anywhere that accommodates bicycles on either side. These portable bike racks are ideal for promoting bike friendliness. The design ensures adequate spacing for compact side-by-side parking that averts bicycle stacking or scratching.

5' Models - 60"L x 36-1/2"W x 36-1/2"H
8' Models - 94-3/8"L x 36-1/2"W x 36-1/2"H
10' Models - 118-3/8"L x 36-1/2"W x 36-1/2"H

The extremely durable protective powder-coat or galvanized finish on these portable bike racks provides an exceptional level of protection—ensuring an extensive lifespan even after years of frequent, daily use.

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Model P5503-5
Galvanized Finish
The hot dip galvanizing process results in an effective corrosion resistant surface with multi-varied spangle appearance.
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Modern Portable Bike Rack | Galvanized Steel

G5503-5 5' Length (10 Bikes) (69 lbs) $538.00
G5503-8 8' Length (16 Bikes) (110 lbs) $669.00
G5503-10 10' Length (20 Bikes) (145 lbs) $829.00

Modern Portable Bike Rack | Powder-Coat Finish

P5503-5 5' Length (10 Bikes) (69 lbs) $593.00
P5503-8 8' Length (16 Bikes) (110 lbs) $734.00
P5503-10 10' Length (20 Bikes) (145 lbs) $904.00
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