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Infinity Series Flat Top Waste Bins

Classic Round Waste Bins

The Infinity Series features the classic round receptacle style and are available in a variety of gallon capacities. The slatted appearance and maintenance-free rings allow you to leave the waste and recycling bins in any environment.

Overall Dimensions
10 Gallon - 18-3/4"Dia. x 20"H*
15 Gallon - 18-3/4"Dia. x 24"H*
25 Gallon - 23-3/4"Dia. x 26"H*
35 Gallon - 23-3/4"Dia. x 31-1/2"H*
45 Gallon - 23-3/4"Dia. x 38-3/4"H
55 Gallon - 27"Dia. x 38-3/4"H
*Height is Without the Post Mount

Model N1-20325P1

Configure Options
Infinity Series Flat Top Waste Bins

The Infinity Bins are perfectly designed with distinct style for a variety of installations—they are a popular choice for parks, outdoor walkways, entrances, or anywhere outdoors.

The Infinity, with its ring and slat construction, allows for many useful accessories and structural additions to be paired with receptacles to meet functional needs.

Model N1-20325P1

Color Options
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Infinity Series Flat Top Waste Bins | Portable

N1-20310P1 10 Gallon (25 lbs) $503.00
N1-20315P1 15 Gallon (28 lbs) $545.00
N1-20325P1 25 Gallon (36 lbs) $604.00
N1-20335P1 35 Gallon (41 lbs) $709.00
N1-20345P1 45 Gallon (51 lbs) $823.00
N1-20355P1 55 Gallon (60 lbs) $891.00

Infinity Series Flat Top Waste Bins | Post Mounted

N1-2031610P1 10 Gallon (48 lbs) $608.00
N1-2031615P1 15 Gallon (51 lbs) $653.00
N1-2031625P1 25 Gallon (59 lbs) $720.00
N1-2031635P1 35 Gallon (64 lbs) $835.00
(Prices F.O.B. Origin)
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