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Four Post Square Hip Shade Structures

Model SD121208IG | White/True Blue

Build Outdoor Traditions

The stylish simplicity of the Four Post Square Shade Structure can become an iconic feature of any park, inspiring diverse outdoor activities. Install Hip style canopies directly over playgrounds, pools, bleachers, picnic areas, art installations and campsites to help protect against heat related injuries and keep site amenities cool.

The rachel knitted, non-porous polyethylene fabric allows hot air to rise and escape, ultimately reducing the feel like temperatures—encouraging longer stays. Colorfast shade material acts as a shield inhibiting exposure to damaging UV rays.

  • Powder-Coat Finish
  • Fabric Meets California State Fire Marshal requirements, NFPA 701 & ASTM E84
  • Blocks Harmful UV Rays
  • Water Repellent Fabric
  • Engineered to Withstand High-Speed Winds
  • Custom Sizes Available - Please Call
  • Glide Elbows™ Included
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Glide Elbows™
State-of-the-art Glide Elbows™ increase the life span of the shade and saves time, effort and money. Glide Elbows™ are a standard hassle free mechanism that allows a quick, secure installation and removal of the shade fabric with a cordless drill or simple wrench.

Hip style shade structures with all steel frame design has been engineered for the rigors of harsh weather and high speed winds, rated for 105mph with fabric attached and up to 150mph without. In the event of severe weather or need for off season storage, Glide Elbows™ allow quick, easy and safe removal and reinstall of the shade fabric.

The steel posts and support ribs are fully primed and sealed with a multi-step powder-coat finishing process that looks great while it combats rust and corrosion. Because of the strategically placed post locations, the 'Hip' style provides exceptional structural and canopy stability while maximizing shade coverage.

To ensure greatest stability and security, it's suggested for these structures to be secured with reinforced concrete footings. The Four Post Shade Structure is ASTM, CSFM and NFPA certified.

It is the buyer's responsibility to check their local building and fire codes to determine the compliance requirements in your community.
We can work with you to customize a solution that meets just about any specific compliance requirements, call us at 1-800-323-5664.
Post Color Options Fabric Color Options
Item Specific Details Available on Linked Model Numbers Below

Square Hip Shade Structures | 3-1/2"Dia. | In-ground Mount

SD101008IG 10' x 10' (630 lbs) $4,456.00
SD121208IG 12' x 12' (660 lbs) $4,698.00
SD141408IG 14' x 14' (680 lbs) $4,897.00
SD161608IG 16' x 16' (710 lbs) $5,297.00
SD181808IG 18' x 18' (830 lbs) $5,923.00

Square Hip Shade Structures | 5"Dia. | In-ground Mount

SD202008IG 20' x 20' (870 lbs) $6,672.00
SD222208IG 22' x 22' (900 lbs) $7,220.00
SD242408IG 24' x 24' (1,060 lbs) $8,017.00
SD262608IG 26' x 26' (1,170 lbs) $10,285.00
SD282808IG 28' x 28' (1,210 lbs) $10,595.00

Square Hip Shade Structures | 5-1/2"Dia. | In-ground Mount

SD303008IG 30' x 30' (1,390 lbs) $10,904.00

Square Hip Shade Structures | 3-1/2"Dia. | Surface Mount

SD101008SG 10' x 10' (680 lbs) $5,128.00
SD121208SG 12' x 12' (700 lbs) $5,370.00
SD141408SG 14' x 14' (730 lbs) $5,568.00
SD161608SG 16' x 16' (750 lbs) $5,967.00
SD181808SG 18' x 18' (860 lbs) $6,580.00

Square Hip Shade Structures | 5"Dia. | Surface Mount

SD202008SG 20' x 20' (890 lbs) $7,329.00
SD222208SG 22' x 22' (920 lbs) $7,877.00
SD242408SG 24' x 24' (1,050 lbs) $8,558.00
SD262608SG 26' x 26' (1,160 lbs) $10,605.00
SD282808SG 28' x 28' (1,200 lbs) $10,915.00

Square Hip Shade Structures | 5-1/2"Dia. | Surface Mount

SD303008SG 30' x 30' (1,270 lbs) $11,226.00
(Prices F.O.B. Origin)
Some Assembly Required
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