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Contrabass Chimes

Feel the Music

Contrabass Chimes are structurally and musically exquisite. Contrabass Chimes range in sizes from 7' to 9', pitched one octave below middle C and when struck deliver fun, euphonic sounds that ring always in tune.

  • Style - Chimes
  • # of Notes - 7
  • Material - Aluminum
  • Sound - Bass / Sustaining
  • Resonated - No
  • Range - Bass
  • Pentatonic - Yes
  • Key / Scale - C
  • Fully Assembled - Yes

This set of 7 chimes are constructed with 4" diameter, heavy-duty anodized aluminum tubing and numbered #1 longest to #7 shortest so they can be laid out in a variety of patterns such as: wave, straight line or in an arc/horseshoe to produce a "surround sound" effect.

Mount Styles
In-ground Mount
Surface Mount

Model FHP-002-SIG

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Chime #1 - 4"Dia x 104-1/2"H*
Chime #2 - 4"Dia x 99-3/4"H*
Chime #3 - 4"Dia x 96-5/8"H*
Chime #4 - 4"Dia x 92-5/8"H*
Chime #5 - 4"Dia x 89-1/4"H*
Chime #6 - 4"Dia x 86-1/4"H*
Chime #7 - 4"Dia x 82"H*
Mallet Poles - 4"Dia. x 42-1/8"H*
*From Grade when In-ground Mount is Installed

The recommended spacing for installation of the Contrabass Chimes is to gap the chimes at 18" and gap the mallet poles at 11" on both sides in-between the chimes. 4 total mallets with 2 mallet poles, the mallets are attached to the poles via nylon coated steel cables.

Item Specific Details Available on Linked Model Numbers Below

Contrabass Chimes | Sets of 7

FHP-002-SIG In-ground Mount (375 lbs) $7,679.00
FHP-002-SSM Surface Mount (375 lbs) $8,179.00

Optional Replacement Items

FHP-025 Standard Single Mallet with Cable & Hardware (1 lbs) $125.00
(Prices F.O.B. Origin)
Some Assembly Required
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