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Soccer Ball Bollards | Concrete Sports Bollards

Concrete Sports Bollards | Soccer Ball Bollard

These concrete soccer ball bollards show the way to your sports stadium. The concrete soccer ball bollards also act as a barrier while limiting access to high profile areas and controlling vehicular traffic. These bollards all have 3/8" reinforced steel rebar for added strength and meets all the ASTM standards. Do not place this bollard on grass or any surface that will flex or move, it must be placed on a flat surface such as concrete.

Please Note

There are two styles of anchoring available.

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Soccer Ball Bollards | Concrete Sports Bollards

TF6212 24"Dia. Black & White (720 lbs) $845.00

Sphere Bollard Installation Straps

EB6108 Lifting Straps for Sphere Bollard Installation (10 lbs) $173.00
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