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Commercial Patio Fencing

Commercial Patio Fencing Enviroment

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Outdoor-ready aluminum commercial patio fencing is the perfect choice for corporate, university, or restaurant patios. Available in either surface mount for easy rearranging or in-ground mount for secure placements. Choose from four different designs, several different sizes and an array of metal powder coat colors to design the perfect outdoor space for residents and guests.

Ends, Centers and Corner Posts sold separately—anchoring is required, anchor bolts not included. Includes hardware to attach panels to posts.

Panel Dimensions
Full Panel - 55-1/2"L x 2"W x 32"H
Half Panel - 25-1/2"L x 2"W x 32"H
Quater Panel - 14-1/2"L x 2"W x 32"H
Post Dimensions
Fence Post - 4"Sq. x 36"H*
*Height for In-ground Mount is From Grade when Installed
with 19" of Additional Pedestal Post for Sub-Grade.
Full Band Design Fence Panel
Half Band Design Fence Panel
Quater Band Design Fence Panel
Full Panel | Band Design
Half Panel | Band Design
Quater Panel | Band Design
Full Box Design Fence Panel
Half Box Design Fence Panel
Quater Box Design Fence Panel
Full Panel | Box Design
Half Panel | Box Design
Quater Panel | Box Design
Full Slant Design Fence Panel
Half Slant Design Fence Panel
Quater Slant Design Fence Panel
Full Panel | Slant Design
Half Panel | Slant Design
Quater Panel | Slant Design
Full SG Design Fence Panel
Half SG Design Fence Panel
Quater SG Design Fence Panel
Full Panel | SG Design
Half Panel | SG Design
Quater Panel | SG Design
Item Specific Details Available on Linked Model Numbers Below

Band Design Fence Panel

MF5046 Full Panel (62 lbs) $395.00
MF5050 Half Panel (52 lbs) $334.00
MF5054 Quater Panel (34 lbs) $249.00

Box Design Fence Panel

MF5047 Full Panel (62 lbs) $395.00
MF5051 Half Panel (52 lbs) $262.00
MF5055 Quater Panel (34 lbs) $222.00

Slant Design Fence Panel

MF5048 Full Panel (62 lbs) $395.00
MF5052 Half Panel (52 lbs) $262.00
MF5056 Quater Panel (34 lbs) $222.00

SG Design Fence Panel

MF5049 Full Panel (62 lbs) $395.00
MF5053 Half Panel (52 lbs) $262.00
MF5057 Quater Panel (34 lbs) $222.00

Fence Post | Surface Mount

MF5005 End Post (30 lbs) $214.00
MF5006 Center Post (30 lbs) $235.00
MF5007 Corner Post (30 lbs) $235.00

Fence Post | In-ground Mount

MF5008 End Post (30 lbs) $249.00
MF5009 Center Post (30 lbs) $266.00
MF5013 Corner Post (30 lbs) $266.00
(Prices F.O.B. Origin)
Some Assembly Required
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