Basic Backless Concrete Park Bench

Uncomplicated Comfort

As a result of their durable strength concrete benches have become a fundamental staple found in just about any outdoor landscape. With a basic minimalist design and quality crafted construction including concrete reinforced with 3/8" steel rebar, meeting or exceeding ASTM standards — these backless benches are ready for high volume civic and commercial use.

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Model TF5021 | Concrete Bench
Model TF5021 | Concrete Bench
Dimensions: 78"L x 31"W x 19"H

Please Note

Concrete benches needs to be placed on a solid flat footing that will not shift, flex or move.

Acid Wash Color Options Acid Wash Stain Color Options Acid Wash Stain (Premium) Color Options
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6-1/2' Concrete Bench

TF5021 (1,700 lbs) $366.00

6-1/2' Concrete Bench | Stained Concrete Finish

TF5021-CUS1 (1,700 lbs) $403.00
TF5021-CUS3 (1,700 lbs) $476.00

6-1/2' Concrete Bench | Ground Glass Concrete Finish

TF5021-CUS4 (1,700 lbs) $512.00
TF5021-CUS7 (1,700 lbs) $641.00
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