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Barrier Rib™ | Entrance Mats

Dual-Ridge Cross-Rib Pattern

Barrier Rib™ is a unique yet highly functional indoor entrance mat with a molded dual-ridge cross-rib pattern to maximize the scraping and drying process. A raised rubber perimeter on all four sides of the mat retains moisture and debris, and an anti-microbial carpet treatment stops bacteria and germs at the entrance. An extremely durable rubber backed mat, Barrier Rib™ has a highly fashionable look that features carpet-to-the-edge to blend with its surroundings and contemporary color choices to match any décor.


  • Custom lengths available in 2', 3' and 4' widths, up to 60' lengths.
  • Molded dual-ridge cross-rib pattern facilitates scraping and drying, retaining moisture and debris within its patented/invisible Aqua Dam™ border.
  • Extremely durable, yet highly fashionable look featuring carpet-to-the-edge to blend with its surroundings.
  • Anti-Microbial carpet treatment to stop bacteria and germs at the entrance.
  • Densely tufted yarn for increased moisture retention.
  • Rubber underside features a cleat design which resists mat slippage.

Barrier Rib™ Entrance Mat

Barrier Rib™ Entrance Mat Texture
Barrier Rib™ Texture
Velcro® carpet anchor system ensures floor mats will stay in place, while still allowing for easy removal. Several strips of Velcro® affix to the vinyl-back underside of the mat securely anchoring the mat to the carpet.

Mat Hold - rubberized mesh pads that adhere to floors and undersides of smooth-backed carpet mats. Perfect for keeping floor mats in place with average traffic. Mat hold pads will not stain carpeting or floors, making them great for any commercial indoor setting.

Please Note
When ordering custom sizes please indicate required length of each mat in inches; and number of mats desired in the quantity box. Sold by the Lineal Foot; price is based on the sum of the total length of all mats ordered, rounded up to the nearest foot.

Color Options
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Barrier Rib™ Entrance Mats | Standard Sizes

161S0023 2' x 3' (7 lbs) $69.00
161S0034 3' x 4' (14 lbs) $138.00
161S0035 3' x 5' (17 lbs) $172.00
161S0310 3' x 10' (35 lbs) $344.00
161S0046 4' x 6' (26 lbs) $239.00
161S0410 4' x 10' (47 lbs) $398.00

Barrier Rib™ Entrance Mats | Custom Sizes

Length Qty
161C0036 36" Wide (3 lbs) $41.00 " x
161C0048 48" Wide (4 lbs) $55.00 " x


085S0075BL 75' Roll Velcro® Carpet Anchor (1 lbs) $349.00
088S0015BL Velcro® Kit 15' Velcro®, 5oz Adhesive, 1 Roller (2 lbs) $0.00
090R002400 2' x 100' Roll Mat Hold, Rubberized Mesh Pad (63 lbs) $0.00
090R003600 3' x 100' Roll Mat Hold, Rubberized Mesh Pad (94 lbs) $0.00
096S000100 Application Roller (0 lbs) $9.00
086S000500 5oz Tube Adhesive (0 lbs) $0.00
086S001600 16oz Can Adhesive (1 lbs) $0.00

Accessories | Custom Sizes

Length Qty
085S0000 1" Wide Velcro® Carpet Anchor (0 lbs) $5.00 " x
090C002400 24" Wide Mat Hold (1 lbs) $6.00 " x
090C003600 36" Wide Mat Hold (1 lbs) $9.00 " x
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