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BarkPark® Re-Bark Grooming Table

Paws for Grooming

Provide a convenient elevated platform perfect for basic grooming or for dogs to take pause from play—also offering a great place to practice sit and stay commands. Constructed entirely of 96% post-consumer or post-industrial recycled plastic materials, these eco-friendly 36" square Re-Bark Grooming Tables are built sturdy and are chew resistant.

Model BARK-422 With Leash Holder

Model BARK-421
BARK-421 - 36"L x 43"W x 24.375"H
BARK-421SM - 36"L x 43"W x 24.375"H*
BARK-422 - 36"L x 43"W x 42"H
BARK-422SM - 36"L x 43"W x 42"H*
*From Grade when In-ground Mount is Installed

Models are available with a handy leash holder on raised post to help keep dogs parked with the leash kept safe and sorted. BarkPark® Re-Bark Grooming Tables are a great addition to dog parks, play areas and pet friendly environments.

Item Specific Details Available on Linked Model Numbers Below

BarkPark® Re-Bark Grooming Table

BARK-421 In-ground Mount (180 lbs) $1,344.00
BARK-421SM Surface Mount (155 lbs) $1,344.00

BarkPark® Re-Bark Grooming Table | with Leash Holder

BARK-422 In-ground Mount (190 lbs) $1,428.00
BARK-422SM Surface Mount (165 lbs) $1,428.00
(Prices F.O.B. Origin)
Some Assembly Required
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