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3 in One Recycling Receptacles

Labeled Disposal Openings for Easier Recycling

Placing these 3 in one recycling receptacles throughout a facility is a great way to encourage the recycling of paper, plastic, and glass; and will help meet 'green' compliance codes. The large universal recycle symbol and product labeling clearly identifies container as part of a recycling program.

Model 15RT-3H | 3 in One Recycling Receptacles Collection
Model 15RT-3H

3 Internal Liners Detail
Three Slot Lid Detail
Internal Liners
Recyclables Specific
Disposal Openings

The three recyclables specific decal labeled disposal openings and three separate internal liners allow for easy removal and less maintenance.

Model 18T-3H | 3 in One Recycling Receptacles (Black)
Model 18RT-3H

Durable all-steel construction will take the punishment of high-volume use. Available in color options shown the item specific recycling labels are included.

Model 15RT-3H - 15"Dia. x 32"H
Model 18RT-3H - 18"Dia. x 33"H

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Steel Recycling Receptacles with 3 Liners Per

15RT-3H 3 x 8 Gallon (26 lbs) $514.00
18RT-3H 3 x 11.5 Gallon (37 lbs) $588.00
(Prices F.O.B. Origin)
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