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Inverted Concrete Cone Bollard

Modern Safety & Security

Bollards are a sturdy guide that helps protect pedestrians and motorist alike, also ideal for providing a safe perimeter—buffering any brute access attempts. While these unique inverted cone bollards are a formidable security upgrade, available in a variety of color options, they also enhance curb appeal.

Top 18"Dia. x Bottom 11-3/8"Dia.
Height 27"

Please Note

There are two styles of anchoring available.

Model SL605

These concrete bollards meets ASTM standards, with durable reinforced concrete they are highly resilient in high-volume environments and in just about any weather conditions.

Item Specific Details Available on Linked Model Numbers Below

Inverted Concrete Cone Bollard

SL605 (425 lbs) $385.00

Inverted Concrete Cone Bollard | Stained Concrete Finish Options

SL605-CUS1 (425 lbs) $424.00
SL605-CUS3 (425 lbs) $501.00

Inverted Concrete Cone Bollard | Ground Glass Concrete Finish Options

SL605-CUS4 (425 lbs) $539.00
SL605-CUS7 (425 lbs) $674.00
(Prices F.O.B. Origin)
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