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Single Auto Attendant®

Convenience Station for Service

Specifically designed for gas station islands and convenient stores, the Auto Attendant® is a bold, convenient addition saving facility space and customers time. Combining a trash receptacle, self-serving windshield washing pod and towel dispenser maximizes services at the pump.

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The 24 gallon concrete service station is reinforced with 1/4" steel rebar reinforcing the unit's strength and resiliency. The slightly funneled cast aluminum funnel top helps ensure pitch-in waste makes it into the container. A security cable connects the lid to the base so nothing is misplaced while accessing the polyethylene liner. The single sided Auto Attendant® towel dispenser accommodates 1 or 2 ply folded 10 x 10 paper towels (not included).

Model TF1241
Dimensions: 21"L x 25"W x 33-1/4"H

Complementing double sided Auto Attendant® and stand-alone receptacle are available.

Concrete Finish Options
Upgrade Finsh Options
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Single Auto Attendant®

TF1241 (600 lbs) $838.00
Panel Options

Single Auto Attendant® | Stained Concrete | Non-Exposed Panel Only

TF1241-CUS1 (600 lbs) $922.00
TF1241-CUS3 (600 lbs) $1,089.00

Single Auto Attendant® | Ground Glass Concrete | Non-Exposed Panel Only

TF1241-CUS4 Select Finish Options Below (600 lbs) $1,173.00
Finish Options
TF1241-CUS7 Select Finish Options Below (600 lbs) $1,467.00
Finish Options
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