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Satin Stainless Steel Trash Receptacles

Satin Stainless Steel Trash Receptacles

Smart & Sanitary

These satin stainless steel trash receptacles provide functional and professional litter control that will grace any setting. Multiple sizes and styles can be combined to suit any type of location. Black accents are powder-coated for superior durability. A protective vinyl trim around all side openings is included.

G. Model R1536SSS
Matching Products

Model UB1900SSS | 10"Dia. x 15"H
Model 1100SSS | 10"Dia. x 27"H
Model SO16SSS | 15"Dia. x 28"H
Model SO16SUSSS | 15"Dia. x 28"H
Model CC16SSS | 15"Dia. x 28"H
Model R32SSS | 15"Dia. x 32"H
Model R1536SSS | 15"Dia. x 36"H
Lift-off receptacle for easy emptying!

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Satin Stainless Steel Executive Wastebasket | 5 Gallon

A. UB1900SSS Executive Wastebasket (6 lbs) $0.00

Satin Stainless Steel Trash Receptacles | 3.5 Gallon

B. 1100SSS Ash/Trash Plastic Liner (12 lbs) $0.00

Satin Stainless Steel Trash Receptacles | 12 Gallon

C. SO16SSS Waste Receptacle Galvanized Liner (24 lbs) $0.00
D. SO16SUSSS Ash/Trash Galvanized Liner (24 lbs) $0.00

Satin Stainless Steel Trash Receptacles | 15 Gallon

E. CC16SSS Flat Top Galvanized Liner (26 lbs) $0.00
F. R32SSS Waste Receptacle Galvanized Liner (25 lbs) $0.00
G. R1536SSS Round Top (27 lbs) $0.00

Ash/Trash Receptacle Accessories

B25 Black Sand Five 5 lb. Bags (27 lbs) $0.00
S25 White Sand Five 5 lb. Bags (27 lbs) $0.00
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