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Downtown Style Rectangular Concrete Planter

Downtown Style Rectangular Concrete Planter

Downtown Style Elements

The stately design of these rectangular concrete planters will create a distinctive look that doubles as a heavyweight security barrier. They support larger root systems that allows for a diverse array of botanical arrangements. Add the optional reservoir system to extend plant lifespan while reducing the frequency of watering.

Each concrete planter comes standard with four 1/2" threaded inserts on bottom for optional anchoring and two 5/8"Dia. lifting inserts on interior of planter for lifting. Inserts are only to be used when planter is empty.

72"L x 48"W x 33"H

Made with steel rebar reinforced ASTM compliant precast concrete for natural style and longevity. Available in the standard and premium finishes to ensure that proper environmental fit.

Please Note
Planters must be placed on a flat and level stable surface that will not shift or settle.
Concrete Finish Options
Upgrade Finsh Options
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Downtown Style Rectangular Concrete Planter

TF4183 (2,880 lbs) $1,150.00

Downtown Style Rectangular Concrete Planter | Stained Concrete Finish

TF4183-CUS1 (2,880 lbs) $1,265.00
TF4183-CUS3 (2,880 lbs) $1,495.00

Downtown Style Rectangular Concrete Planter | Ground Glass Concrete Finish

TF4183-CUS4 (2,880 lbs) $1,610.00
TF4183-CUS7 (2,880 lbs) $2,013.00

Optional Reservoir System

TF4900 Planter Reservoir System (35 lbs) $242.00
(Prices F.O.B. Origin)
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