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Stair Climber | Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Improves Cardio & Muscle Tone

The Stair Climber is an extremely efficient piece of outdoor fitness equipment to implement into your facility. The climbing movement works large muscle groups, which is very beneficial in fat burning.

This piece of Outdoor Fitness Equipment sculpts and tones the lower body by working muscles in both up and down directions, creating a much more efficient workout than walking or running. Users utilize their own body weight for resistance, and climbing can be done at various speeds for different cardio levels.

  • No electricity required.
  • No need for regular maintenance.
  • No rust, corrosion or chipping.
  • Eco-friendly, powered by the people.
  • Post safety instructions with the optional Fitness Message Boards.
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Finish Options
The state of the art finishing process used on the Stair Climber combines the application of an 'Electrocoat Zinc Rich Primer' with a durable polyester powder-coat top layer to ensure every crevice and joint is completely sealed, providing full protection against corrosion and weathering. Stair Climbers are finished in either a gloss or textured polyester powder-coat finish.
Custom Multi-Color Finish
Mix & Match any of the color options shown below to promote your school, university or company's unique colors.

Please select "Multi | Custom Colors" from the drop down menu and a customer service representative will contact you for details.

Crossbar color will be chosen by production supply. If you have a specific color preference (tan, green, blue, or red) it may increase the lead time.
Model 78000039 | Stair Climber | Outdoor Fitness Equipment
Model 78000039

Health Benefits
Strengthens quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, glutes, abs, and forearms
Improves muscular & cardio conditioning.
Peak exertion point is reached faster cutting workout times in half.
Increases lean muscle tissue to raise the amount of calories burned at rest.
Target Muscles
Secondary Muscles
Not Suitable for people with general health conditions.
Do not over exert yourself.
Keep fingers, toes, hair or other body parts away from equipment elements during exercise.
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Color Options
Multi-Color Options
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Stair Climber | One Person

78000039 In-ground Mount (268 lbs) $3,999.00
78000039-SM Surface Mount (255 lbs) $0.00

Fitness Safety Message Signs | Small Single Panel

78000087 In-ground Mount (40 lbs) $919.00
78000087-SM Surface Mount (35 lbs) $819.00

Fitness Safety Message Signs | Single Panel

78000034 In-ground Mount (60 lbs) $1,419.00
78000034-SM Surface Mount (53 lbs) $1,369.00

Fitness Safety Message Signs | Low Dual Panels

78000038 In-ground Mount (90 lbs) $2,179.00
78000038-SM Surface Mount (76 lbs) $2,179.00
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