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Smokers Cease-Fire Cigarette Receptacle

Extinguish Cigarette Litter & Debris

The Smokers Cease-Fire cigarette receptacle innovative self-extinguishing design safely collects unsightly cigarette butts and reduces the risk of fire. Made of flame-retardant, sturdy polyethylene, this low maintenance smoker's friend won't rust, dent or crack. Unique rain bonnet opening keeps rain out and discourages other trash. Simply lift off lid to empty big galvanized steel pail inside. Tie-down notches offer security and greater stability under severe weather conditions. In high humidity environments, unique "drip-lip" internal construction prevents tar condensation from escaping.

With a compact footprint of 11" diameter, the personal sized Smokers Cease-Fire cigarette butt receptacle fits into snug areas and is ideal for sitting areas with chairs such as patios, decks, and verandas. Its smaller scale also makes it perfect when space is at a premium or for light smoking traffic areas.

A. Model 26800: 16.5"Dia. x 38.5"H
B. Model 26806: 11"Dia. x 30"H
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26800X; 26800; 26800B; 26800C; 26800D; 26800G; 26800T; 26800Y; 26807X; 26807; 26807B; 26807C; 26807D; 26800G; 26807T; 26807Y; 26806X; 26806; 26806B; 26806C; 26806D; 26806G; 26806T; 26806Y; 26801; 26802; 26807D

Smokers Cease-Fire Cigarette Receptacle | Original Size

A. 26800 Original Size (13 lbs) $128.00
26807D Optional Tabletop Deco Black (3 lbs) 26807D
26801 Replacement Knob (1 lbs) $17.00
26802 Replacement Pail (4 lbs) $60.00

Smokers Cease-Fire Cigarette Receptacle | Personal Size

B 26806 Personal Size (6 lbs) $113.00
26801 Replacement Knob (1 lbs) $17.00


26827 Disposable Bucket Liners 1 Pack of 10 with Twist Ties (2 lbs) $59.00
26830 Disposable Bucket Liners 25 Packs of 10 with Twist Ties (36 lbs) $1,327.00
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