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Concrete Trash Can Lids

Replacement Lids

These replacement lids fit our popular style 30 gallon concrete square trash cans (See Related Products Below Price Chart). Constructed from ultra-durable polyethylene that won't rust or chip. Available in popular array of fade resistant colors to spruce up the surroundings.

Drive-Up Chute
Drive-Up Chute attaches to existing TF1405 lids but the Push Door needs to be removed. Model TF1401 is the exact same design as the TF1405 just without the Push Door for easy attachment of the Drive-Up Chute.
10 Gallon Ash/Trash Lid
Model TF1405 | Replacement Lid (Blue)
Model TF1405
Model TF1415 | Tray Top Lid (Red)
Model TF1416 | Drive-Thru Chute (Green)
with Tray Top
with Drive-Up Chute
Model TF1407 | 4-Way Top Lid (Green)
Model TF1407 Model TF1420 | Flat Top Lid (Brown)
Model TF1420
Standard Plastic Color Options
Item Specific Details Available on Linked Model Numbers Below

Push Door Concrete Trash Can Lids

TF1405 Push Door Top Lid (7 lbs) $74.00

Attachments (for use with TF1405)

TF1415 Tray Attachment (1 lbs) $42.00
TF1416 Drive-Up Chute Attachment (5 lbs) $50.00

Lids (for use with TF1416 - Drive Up Chute Attachment)

TF1401 Lid without Push Door (6 lbs) $61.00

Pitch-In Concrete Trash Can Lids

TF1420 Flat Top Pitch-In Lid (5 lbs) $41.00

4-Way Concrete Trash Can Lids

TF1407 4-Way Open Top Lid (7 lbs) $51.00

4-Way Concrete Trash Can Lids (for use with TF2070 - 10 Gallon Ash/Trash)

TF1400 4-Way Open Top Lid (4 lbs) $39.00
(Prices F.O.B. Origin)
Some Assembly Required
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