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Concrete Trash Receptacle with Drive Thru Lid

Drive Thru Trash Receptacle

This concrete trash receptacle with the drive thru funnel lid has set the industry standard for fast food restaurants. It can be seen at various drive thru's coast to coast, proving to be extremely useful for customers and greatly appreciated by business owners. The highly functional trash collection chute is easily utilized by drivers side passengers and motor vehicle operators without them needing to exit their vehicle.

This classic concrete trash receptacle along with the solid steel-reinforced construction will enhance the entranceways of your facility and will easily withstand the toughest environments anywhere in the world. Security cable and retainer ring come standard. Leveling feet are available and sold separately.

Matching Products
Drive-Up Chute
Drive-Up Chute attaches to existing TF1405 lids but the Push Door needs to be removed. Model TF1401 is the exact same design as the TF1405 just without the Push Door for easy attachment of the Drive-Up Chute.
Concrete Finish Options
Upgrade Finsh Options
Item Specific Details Available on Linked Model Numbers Below

Concrete Trash Receptacle w/Drive Thru Lid

TF1021 (280 lbs) $524.00

Concrete Trash Receptacle w/Drive Thru Lid | Stained Concrete Color Options

TF1021-CUS1 (280 lbs) $576.00
TF1021-CUS3 (280 lbs) $681.00

Concrete Trash Receptacle w/Drive Thru Lid | Ground Glass Finish Options

TF1021-CUS4 Concrete Options Below (280 lbs) $734.00
Finish Options
TF1021-CUS7 Concrete Options Below (280 lbs) $917.00
Finish Options

Optional Plastic Liner

TF1610 Optional Plastic Liner (10 lbs) $55.00


TF1996 Leveling Feet (4 Required Per Receptacle) (1 lbs) $4.00

Optional Replacement Lids

TF1404 Recycling (Mock Push Door) Top (6 lbs) $65.00
TF1407 4-Way Open Top Lid (7 lbs) $51.00
TF1408 Square Recycling Top (8 lbs) $51.00
TF1420 Flat Top Pitch-In Lid (5 lbs) $41.00
TF1405 Push Door Top (7 lbs) $74.00

Optional Lid Attachments

TF1415 Tray Holder Attachment (1 lbs) $42.00
TF1416 Drive-Up Chute Attachment (5 lbs) $50.00

Lids (for use with TF1416 - Drive Up Chute Attachment)

TF1401 Top without Push Door (6 lbs) $61.00
(Prices F.O.B. Origin)
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