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Square Recycled Plastic Tops, Liners & Receptacles

32 Gallon Square Receptacle Detail
32 Gallon Square Liner Detail
32 Gallon
32 Gallon
Square Liner
Recycle Cans Top Detail
Recycle Waste Top Detail
4" Diameter
Recycle Top
10" Diameter
Recycle Top
Swing Top Detail
Waste Top Detail
Swing Top
Push Door
Waste Top

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Indoor/Outdoor Waste Collection
32 Gallon Componets

Create a versatile waste collection system that fits the demands of your waste management's need with these 32 gallon recycled plastic waste receptacle components. Made from recycled plastic polyethylene, these waste receptacles are manufactured to withstand the harshest environments. All components will not fade, rust or crack; making them ideal for use outside as well as inside.

All recycled plastic receptacle components are available in the color options as shown.

Granite Color Options Granite Color Options
Item Specific Details Available on Linked Model Numbers Below

Square Recycled Plastic | Solid Colors

KCC32-S 32 Gallon Receptacle (10 lbs) $134.00
KCC32-L 32 Gallon Liner Black (10 lbs) $48.00
KCC32-4T-S 4" Diameter Top (6 lbs) $55.00
KCC32-RT-S 10" Diameter Top (6 lbs) $55.00
KCC32-WT-S Push Door Waste Top (10 lbs) $68.00
KCC32-ST-S Swing Top (Only) (10 lbs) $68.00

Square Recycled Plastic | Granite Colors

KCC32-G 32 Gallon Receptacle (10 lbs) $148.00
KCC32-L 32 Gallon Liner Black (10 lbs) $48.00
KCC32-4T-G 4" Diameter Top (6 lbs) $62.00
KCC32-RT-G 10" Diameter Top (6 lbs) $62.00
KCC32-WT-G Push Door Waste Top (10 lbs) $74.00
KCC32-ST-G Swing Top (Only) (10 lbs) $74.00
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