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Square Waste Containers

Perfect for High Traffic Areas

These waste containers are big and beautiful. Maintenance made easy. Heavy-Duty molded waste containers are designed to withstand the harshest environments. Choose from no lid, dome lid or dome lid with integrated ashtray. The integrated ashtray provides all in one ash and trash design! Optional bolt-down hardware and lid security cable are available.

Model DC-732101 | Square Waste Container | Flat Top Lid (Black)
Model DC-732101 | Black

  • Large 42 gallon capacity, perfect for high-traffic areas.
  • Lift-off lid for easy trash removal has generous 8" square opening.
  • Covered dome lid allows for easy access on all four sides.
  • Powder-Coated steel ashtray unlocks for easy cleaning.
  • Molded from long-lasting, high-density polyethylene to withstand the harshest weather environments.
  • Grab Bag™ System secures trash bag.
  • UV inhibitors added to limit fading in bright sunlight.
Model DC-73290399 | Square Waste Container w/Dome Lid (Gray) | Model DC-73300299 | Square Waste Container w/Ashtray Dome Lid (Sand Garnite Beige)
Model DC-73290399 (Gray)
Model DC-73300299 (Sand Granite Beige)

Color Options
with Open Top Lid: 30"H x 18-1/2"Sq.
with Dome Lid: 38"H x 18-1/2"Sq.
with Ashtray Dome Lid: 38"H x 18-1/2"Sq.
Recycled Content
  • 50% Post Consumer Recycled Plastic. (Color Black)
  • 25% Post Consumer Recycled Plastic. (Color Beige, Gray & Blue)

PLEASE NOTE: Model Number(s) in Red are Discontinued
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42 Gallon Square Waste Container | with Open Top Lid

DC-732101 Black (15 lbs) $128.00
DC-732102 Sand Granite Beige (15 lbs) $136.00
DC-732103 Gray (15 lbs) $132.00
DC-732104 Blue (15 lbs) $132.00
DC-732153 Forest Green (15 lbs) $136.00
DC-732137 Brown (15 lbs) $136.00

42 Gallon Square Waste Container | with Dome Lid

DC-73290199 Black (21 lbs) $218.00
DC-73290299 Sand Granite Beige (21 lbs) $218.00
DC-73290399 Gray (21 lbs) $218.00
DC-73290499 Blue (21 lbs) $218.00
DC-73295399 Forest Green (21 lbs) $218.00
DC-73293799 Brown (21 lbs) $218.00

42 Gallon Square Waste Container | with Ashtray Dome Lid

DC-73300199 Black (22 lbs) $294.00
DC-73300299 Sand Granite Beige (22 lbs) $304.00
DC-73300399 Gray (22 lbs) $304.00
DC-73300499 Blue (22 lbs) $0.00
DC-73305399 Forest Green (22 lbs) $0.00
DC-73303799 Brown (22 lbs) $304.00

Optional Accessories

DC-795500 Security Cable (1 lbs) $22.00
DC-793100 Bolt-Down Hardware (1-Pack) (1 lbs) $11.00
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