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Mobile Hand Wash Station Solutions

Maintain Sanitation

Promote hygiene anywhere with this economic and readily available hand washing station solution. Light and convenient, can be set-up anywhere for necessary on site hand washing, making it ideal for curbside delivery and lunch pick-up spots. Products are In-Stock and Ready to Ship.

The starter station package includes a 6 Gallon (22 QT) dispenser pail with spigot and a 6 Gallon (22 QT) pail with bail for collecting runoff, with two "Hand Washing Only" stickers. The shatter and stain resistant plastic withstands -40°F to 160°F (-40°C to 70°C), ideal for holding and running warm water. The molded-in handles and removable bail make it easy to lift empty or full. The snap-tight, thumb tab cover protects against contamination and temperature loss.

Model HWSS148
Handwash Starter Station

Model HWSS148 & BC331KD110

  • Hand Wash Starter Station (Model HWSS148)
    • One 6 Gallon Pail with Spigot for Hand Washing
    • One 6 Gallon Pail to Catch Waste Water
    • Two "Hand Washing Only" Stickers for Safety
    • One Snap-Tight Cover
  • KD Service Cart
    (Model BC331KD110 or BC331KD480)
    Sold Separately
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Hand Wash Starter Station

HWSS148 Two 6 Gallon Pails, One with Spigot—Stickers Included (5 lbs) $0.00

KD Service Cart

BC331KD110 Black Shelves (15 lbs) $0.00
BC331KD480 Speckeled Gray Shelves (15 lbs) $0.00

Accessories & Addtional 6 Gallon Pails

RFSC12148 Cover For 6 Gallon Plastic Pail (1 lbs) $0.00
DSPR6148 6 Gallon Pail with Spigot, Sure Grip Handle & Cover (2 lbs) $0.00
PWB22148 6 Gallon Pail with Sure Grip Handle (2 lbs) $0.00
RFS22148 6 Gallon Pail without Handle (2 lbs) $0.00
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