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Cambro Handwash Accessory for Camtainers®

Hand Washing Made Easy Anywhere

Set up a Cambro hand washing station anywhere by simply attaching the portable Handwash Accessory to either the 4-3/4 gallon Camtainers® or the 5-1/4 gallon Ultra Camtainers®. Fill the Camtainers® liquid dispenser with hot water and place included "Handwash Only" sticker on front of unit. Secure the handwash accessory on top using molded-in Velcro straps. Perfect for off premise caterers, concession stands, summer camps, parks and recreation, military operations, fairs, and local events.

Ultra Camtainers® feature two wide nylon latches that are easy to open and close with one hand. Standard Camtainers® have four plastic latches.

Handwash Accessory Includes
  • Multi-Fold Towel Dispenser
    or Paper Towel Roll Holder
  • Soap Dispenser
  • Molded-in Velcro Cinch Straps
  • Easy Serve Dispenser Lever
  • Four "Handwash Only" Labels

Best Practice
  • Moisten hands under hot running water*.
  • Distribute soap onto hands from dispenser.
  • Vigorously rub hands for at least 20 sec.
  • Rinse under hot running water.
  • Dry thoroughly with clean paper towels.
*Please Note

The FDA recommends the water temperature be between 98°F - 110°F or as hot as can be comfortably tolerated.

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Model HWATD (Dark Brown)  & Model HWAPR (Black) | Cambro Handwash Accessory for Camtainers® and Ultra Camtainers® with Paper Towel and Soap Dispenser
Model HWATD | Model HWAPR
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Model HWAPR with Model 500LCD

The Cambro Handwash Accessory is a convenient and economical way to meet health department hand washing requirements. Choose from two models based on towel preference: multi-fold paper towel dispenser or paper towel roll holder.

Use the Cambro Riser under the Camtainers® to provide extra hand washing room.

Color Options

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Cambro Portable Handwash Accessory for Camtainers®

HWATD with Multi-Fold Towel Dispenser (10 lbs) $0.00
HWAPR with Paper Towel Roll Holder (10 lbs) $0.00


500LCD 4-3/4 Gallon Camtainer® (16 lbs) $0.00
UC500 5-1/4 Gallon Ultra Camtainer® (21 lbs) $0.00
R500LCD Riser for Model 500LCD/UC500 (4 lbs) $0.00

Easy Serve Dispenser

LCDES Hands-Free Dispenser Fits All Camtainers®/Ultra Camtainers® (1 lbs) $0.00
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