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Islander Series | Maui Convenience Center

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The Maui Island Series is a full service convenience center solution ready for high volume use with its large capacity and easy maintenance. Provide convenient value added amenities right at the pump with windshield service center side pod caddy.

  • 55 Gallon Double Sided Waste Container.
  • Patented Grab Bag™ System.
  • 2 Removable 27.5 Gallon Liners with Built-In Hand Grips.
  • Maui Side Pod Windshield Service Center.

Model DC-75840599 | Islander Series | Maui 2
Model DC-75840599
Islander Series | Maui 2
Model DC-75830599 | Islander Series | Maui 1
Model DC-75830599
Islander Series | Maui 1

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Universal Access
Meets the ADA requirements with easy-to-reach squeegee bucket and towel dispenser.

Suitable for all climates, units made from 25% post consumer recycled (PCR) material, tough enough for the harshest winters and sturdy enough to maintain their stylish look even in the hottest summer temperatures.

Windshield Caddy Includes
  • One Squeegee per Caddy
  • One Removable Water Bucket per Caddy

Accommodates a Variety of Roll Towel Dispensers (Dispenser Not Included). We recommend contacting your local paper or janitorial company.

PLEASE NOTE: Model Number(s) in Red are Discontinued
Item Specific Details Available on Linked Model Numbers Below

Maui Convenience Center | Islander Series

DC-75830599 Maui 1 Charcoal (51 lbs) $0.00
DC-75840599 Maui 2 Charcoal (67 lbs) $0.00

Optional Accessiores

DC-758624 Side Pod Accessory Charcoal (20 lbs) $0.00
DC-793824 Water Bucket for Side Pod Charcoal (2 lbs) $0.00
DC-795500 Lid Security Cable (1 lbs) $28.00
DC-793100 Bolt-Down Hardware (1-Pack) (1 lbs) $14.00
DC-7603016 Squawker 2 Sided Sign (6-Pack) (12 lbs) $0.00
DC-790006 Squeegees (6-Pack) Black (12 lbs) $0.00
DC-790024 Squeegees (24-Pack) Black (48 lbs) $0.00
DC-791506 Trucker Squeegees (6-Pack) Silver (24 lbs) $0.00
DC-791512 Trucker Squeegees (12-Pack) Silver (48 lbs) $0.00
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