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Lok-Tyle™ Floor Mat | Anti-Fatigue/Anti-Slip

Pool Area, Food Preparation and Bar Area Modular Floor Mats

Lok-Tyle™ floor mats feature an open grid diamond pattern to allow moisture and debris to drain from the surface and maximize traction. The modular cross-hatch PVC vinyl tiles snap perfectly together on-site for custom configurations to specifically fit your facility's needs and can be reconfigured to constantly adapt to changing environments. Ideal for locker rooms, shower areas, spa environments, and restaurant/bar floors. In addition, its light-weight, modular design allows for additional use as shelf liners, especially useful in food preparation areas.

  • Modular cross-hatch vinyl tiles snap together on-site for custom configurations.
  • Raised diamonds on top surface facilitates drainage and aids traction.
  • Beveled Ramps and Corners complete the installation and minimize trip hazards.
  • Light-weight, modular, drainage design allows for use as shelf liners in food prep and bar areas.
  • Overall mat thickness is 9/16".

Snap Together
Lok-Tyle™ Floor Mat | Anti-Fatigue/Anti-Slip Mat

Assemble the Lok-Tyle™ floor mats however you want. 12" x 12" tiles are sold individually. 2" x 12" outer edge pieces feature a slight ramp to prevent tripping and allow for wheelchair or cart access. Corner pieces are 2" x 2" and also have a slight ramp. All pieces connect together to fit any space.

Color Options
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Lok-Tyle™ Floor Mat | Each Piece Sold Separately

523S1212BL 12" x 12" Tile Black (1 lbs) $11.00
523S1212 12" x 12" Tile (1 lbs) $11.00
523R0212BL 2" x 12" Ramp Edge Black (0 lbs) $9.00
523R0212 2" x 12" Ramp Edge (0 lbs) $9.00
523K0022BL 2" x 2" Corner Black (0 lbs) $1.00
523K0022 2" x 2" Corner (0 lbs) $1.00
(Prices F.O.B. Origin)
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