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Tek-Tough Jr.® | Safety/Anti-Fatigue Mats

Tek-Tough Jr.® | Safety/Anti-Fatigue Mats

Large Hole Drainage System Ideal for Food Service Industry

Manufactured with MicroStop™ anti-microbial rubber that inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi, Tek-Tough Jr.® floor matting is ideally suited for use in kitchens, bars, and other food service areas. The raised large hole design allows liquids to drain, providing secure footing in wet environments. The textured surface also provides added traction. Molded-in beveled edges reduce trip hazards and allow for easy access onto and off the mat.

Tek-Tough Jr.® floor matting is ergonomically designed to alleviate foot, leg, lower back, and joint pressure while also stimulating blood circulation. Proven to be extremely useful in food processing areas when workers are often standing for extended amounts of time. Lightweight design makes it easy to lift and clean after liquids have been accumulated.

  • Raised, large hole drainage system.
  • Beveled edges reduce trip hazards.
  • MicroStop™ anti-microbial rubber inhibits growth of bacteria & fungi.
  • Alleviates foot, leg, & lower back pressure.
  • Easy to clean & handle lightweight design.

Please Note
When ordering custom sizes please indicate required length of each mat in inches; and number of mats desired in the quantity box. Sold by the Lineal Foot; price is based on the sum of the total length of all mats ordered, rounded up to the nearest foot.
Color Options
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Tek-Tough Jr.® Safety/Anti-Fatigue Mats

T14S0035BL 3' x 5' Black (24 lbs) $85.00
T14S0035RD 3' x 5' Red (24 lbs) $149.00
T14S0035GY 3' x 5' Gray (24 lbs) $0.00
T14S0310BL 3' x 10' (Actual Size 3' x 9'-10") Black (48 lbs) $171.00
T14S0310RD 3' x 10' (Actual Size 3' x 9'-10") Red (48 lbs) $299.00
T14S0310GY 3' x 10' (Actual Size 3' x 9'-10") Gray (48 lbs) $0.00
T14S0315BL 3' x 15' (Actual Size 3' x 14'-8") Black (72 lbs) $256.00
T14S0315RD 3' x 15' (Actual Size 3' x 14'-8") Red (72 lbs) $0.00
T14S0315GY 3' x 15' (Actual Size 3' x 14'-8") Gray (72 lbs) $0.00
T14S0320BL 3' x 20' (Actual Size 3' x 19'-6") Black (96 lbs) $342.00
T14S0320RD 3' x 20' (Actual Size 3' x 19'-6") Red (96 lbs) $0.00
T14S0320GY 3' x 20' (Actual Size 3' x 19'-6") Gray (96 lbs) $0.00
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