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Extended Square 'U' on Rails Commercial Bike Racks

Premium Commercial Bike Racks

Extended Square 'U' Racks on Rails with Lean Bars set the standard for commercial bike racks. Choose up to 4 loops per rail for maximum bike storage. The lean bars ensure proper parallel parking and prevent bikes from tipping. Optional cables are also available to allow for intricate securing of multiple bike parts.

At 34" high and constructed from 2" square steel tubing, these racks add to the visual appeal of its environment. Select from galvanized, powder-coated steel, and powder-coated stainless steel for maximum corrosion protection. Drop In Anchors available for concrete installation.

Galvanized Finish
The hot dip galvanizing process results in an effective corrosion resistant surface with multi-varied spangle appearance.
* Stainless Steel
Select Powder-Coated Stainless Steel for the unequaled corrosion resisting properties of stainless steel combined with protective high gloss powder-coated outer layer resulting in the maximum in corrosion protection.
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Square 'U' Racks | Commercial Bike Racks on Rails with Lean Bars

UX200-LB-4-G 2 Loops 4 Bikes Galvanized (116 lbs) $629.00
UX200-LB-6-G 3 Loops 6 Bikes Galvanized (182 lbs) $959.00
UX200-LB-8-G 4 Loops 8 Bikes Galvanized (249 lbs) $1,289.00
UX200-LB-4-P 2 Loops 4 Bikes Powder-Coated (116 lbs) $629.00
UX200-LB-6-P 3 Loops 6 Bikes Powder-Coated (182 lbs) $959.00
UX200-LB-8-P 4 Loops 8 Bikes Powder-Coated (249 lbs) $1,289.00
UX200-LB-4-ES 2 Loops 4 Bikes Electro Polished Stainless Steel (116 lbs) $1,619.00
UX200-LB-6-ES 3 Loops 6 Bikes Electro Polished Stainless Steel (182 lbs) $2,459.00
UX200-LB-8-ES 4 Loops 8 Bikes Electro Polished Stainless Steel (249 lbs) $3,289.00
UX200-LB-4-PS 2 Loops 4 Bikes Stainless Steel* (116 lbs) $0.00
UX200-LB-6-PS 3 Loops 6 Bikes Stainless Steel* (182 lbs) $0.00
UX200-LB-8-PS 4 Loops 8 Bikes Stainless Steel* (249 lbs) $0.00

Galvanized 'U' Rail Connector | 30" Length

URAIL-CON 'U' Rail Connector Galvanized (22 lbs) $120.00

Drop In Anchors

RT3850-3-Z Drop In Anchor - 3 Pack Zinc Plated (1 lbs) $7.00
RT3850-4-Z Drop In Anchor - 4 Pack Zinc Plated (1 lbs) $8.00
RT3850-6-Z Drop In Anchor - 6 Pack Zinc Plated (1 lbs) $12.00
RT3850-25-Z Drop In Anchor - 25 Pack Zinc Plated (1 lbs) $46.00
RT3850-3-S Drop In Anchor - 3 Pack Stainless Steel (1 lbs) $16.00
RT3850-4-S Drop In Anchor - 4 Pack Stainless Steel (1 lbs) $20.00
RT3850-6-S Drop In Anchor - 6 Pack Stainless Steel (1 lbs) $30.00
RT3850-25-S Drop In Anchor - 25 Pack Stainless Steel (1 lbs) $115.00
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