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Downtown Bike Racks

Superior Stability & Security

Rail mounted bike racks make adding secure, compliant bike parking for 6 to 12 bikes simple. The 3/16" thick galvanized mounting side rails feature pre-drilled holes, ensuring each attached Downtown Bike Racks is properly lined and spaced.

6 Bike - 76"L x 30"W x 36"H
8 Bike - 108"L x 30"W x 36"H
10 Bike - 146"L x 30"W x 36"H
12 Bike - 181"L x 30"W x 36"H

Constructed with square steel tubing, the highly durable Downtown Bike Racks offers an extended width, providing users 2 points of contact for prime bike security. Which also helps make sure bikes remain upright, keeping spaces looking in tip top shape. The all-steel, rail mounted Downtown Bike Racks is ideal in urban spaces, schools or parks or where functionality and safety is a top concern.

Available in galvanized or powder-coated finishes.

Model DT-B5RAIL-EPX | Downtown Bike Racks
Galvanized Finish
The hot dip galvanizing process results in an effective corrosion resistant surface with multi-varied spangle appearance.
Standard Powder-Coated Color Options
Item Specific Details Available on Linked Model Numbers Below

6 Bike Downtown Bike Racks on Rail Mount | 6'1" Steel Rail Mount

DT-B3RAIL-GV Galvanized Steel (175 lbs) $1,006.00
DT-B3RAIL-EPX Powder-Coated Steel (175 lbs) $1,006.00

8 Bike Downtown Bike Racks on Rail Mount | 9' Steel Rail Mount

DT-B4RAIL-GV Galvanized Steel (240 lbs) $1,401.00
DT-B4RAIL-EPX Powder-Coated Steel (240 lbs) $1,401.00

10 Bike Downtown Bike Racks on Rail Mount | 12'2" Steel Rail Mount

DT-B5RAIL-GV Galvanized Steel (305 lbs) $1,772.00
DT-B5RAIL-EPX Powder-Coated Steel (305 lbs) $1,772.00

12 Bike Downtown Bike Racks on Rail Mount | 15'1" Steel Rail Mount

DT-B6RAIL-GV Galvanized Steel (370 lbs) $2,201.00
DT-B6RAIL-EPX Powder-Coated Steel (370 lbs) $2,201.00
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