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Islander Series | Cayman Gas Station Convenience Center

Durable Recycled Plastic Convenience Center

The Cayman 1 gas station convenience center is a hexagonal receptacle combined with a towel dispenser, water bucket, and a squeegee. This combo unit is a perfect example of utilizing limited space. Durable and easy to clean with standard cleaners. This receptacle is made to last long and stand up to any weather conditions.

Dimensions: 25-1/2"L x 23-1/4"W x 31"H
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Recycled Content
This model is made from post consumer recycled (PCR) material, 50% PCR content. All models are shipped in a carton made from 50% recycled content.
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Universal Access
Meets the ADA requirements with easy-to-reach squeegee bucket and towel dispenser.
Model DC-755201 | Cayman 1 Gas Station Convenience Center
Model DC-755201

  • 35 Gallon Waste Container.
  • Patented Grab Bag™ System
  • Removable 2 Gallon Water Bucket.
  • Towel Dispenser.
  • ADA Compliant.
Windshield Caddy Includes
  • One Squeegee
  • One Removable Water Bucket
  • One Towel Dispenser

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Cayman 1 Gas Station Convenience Center | Islander Series

DC-755201 Cayman 1 Black (28 lbs) $0.00

Optional Accessories

DC-795201 Towel Bucket Black (2 lbs) $0.00
DC-795500 Lid Security Cable (1 lbs) $28.00
DC-7603016 Squawker 2 Sided Sign (6-Pack) (12 lbs) $0.00
DC-790006 Squeegees (6-Pack) Black (12 lbs) $0.00
DC-790024 Squeegees (24-Pack) Black (48 lbs) $0.00
DC-791506 Trucker Squeegees (6-Pack) Silver (24 lbs) $0.00
DC-791512 Trucker Squeegees (12-Pack) Silver (48 lbs) $0.00
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